syncopated ribs

what now?

It is very strange, not having the shawl to knit on anymore. My hands are literally feeling lost and confused without their daily dose of yarnovers and decreases. I have never been so single-mindedly focused on a particular project for that long. The last couple days, I just haven’t known what to do with myself…so I decided to go and make a little mosaic of all of the projects I still haven’t finished, just to remind myself that I do, in fact, have plenty to work on:

Current Unfinished Projects

Twelve projects! Twelve.  That’s really sort of…insane.  Granted, several of them are very close to completion (the blue and brown cardigans in the center of the bottom row, for example, are just in need of the rest of their sleeves and some finishing, and the octopus really just needs some finishing work), but still.  I’m not hurting for things to work on.

The project I’ve found myself focusing on the last day or two is the green thing in the bottom corner of that mosaic.  It’s a project I’ve managed to get good quarter of the way through knitting without blogging it, somehow!  I cast on for Syncopated Ribs (a pattern in the Fall ’04 IK, from my favorite Norah Gaughan) awhile ago, and knit on it a few times last month when I had friends over and hadn’t yet really “gotten” lace and thus couldn’t knit on the shawl without 100% of my attention directed towards it.  Anyway, now that I’m done with the shawl, you’ll probably be seeing this one finished up pretty soon.  The gauge feels ridiculous compared to the shawl (it’s 4sts/in, on size 9 needles), and is knitting up insanely fast.  As for all those other projects, they’ll get their time.  I especially want to get going again on the Escheresque Mittens or my dad, and on my husband’s sweater…I may be a self-proclaimed “selfish knitter”, but I do like knitting things up for the people I love!

4 thoughts on “what now?”

  1. Only 12? Or only 12 you’ll admit to?

    (I’ll take the fifth on my own WIPs/UFOs, thanks very much……..[grin] In other words, I’d be glad to have only 12…..)

  2. I love the color of the syncopated ribs. What yarn is that? It’s so springy and fresh.

    Also, I hope your husband’s pattern choice allows for some exciting knitting. Jason chose Jarrett for his engagement sweater and, while it really is a gorgeous design, it’s miles and miles of stockinette in DK yarn on size 4 needles. It’s sucking my will to live.

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