and so it begins…

Look what came in the mail today:

All set!

Well, actually, the book was acquired a few days ago, so that I could read up in advance. But the spindle and a little bit of fiber came today, and (fortunately?) I’m stuck at home sick, so I figured I’d give it a try.

Oy. I suck at drafting, and I wish there were someone I could watch up close to figure out what the heck I’m supposed to be doing, because it’s just not translating from the book to my fingers. Oh, and guess what I managed to do on my first and only attempt at spinning with actual fiber so far?

I spun a little bit of my own hair, still attached to my head, into it. OUCH. So, there’s my little PSA for long-haired would-be spinners: pull it back, or at least, don’t be a total illness-addled klutz and wind up letting it get into the mix (not as hard as you’d think, if you’re doing “park and draft”, and lean over your work). I’m setting it all aside for now, and hoping that the next time I try it, it goes a little more smoothly. I don’t want to destroy all my practice fiber in the first go, after all!

7 thoughts on “and so it begins…”

  1. Best of luck!

    I started out with the same book, a similar top whorl spindle, and a bit of fiber. And, uh, my wheel arrived in the mail today, and I’m back in the learnin’ seat.

    Have fun! And yeah, the hair thing… you’re not the only one. Wait until you start pulling pills off of your sweaters with your spinning singles.

  2. I bought a similar kit in August, and after one frustrating try, I’ve never picked it back up. I think I need someone in person; the book is tough. I’ll definitely check out that link! Good luck :)

  3. I guess I was lucky that I started trying to spin in the summer: my hair was pulled back and I had short sleeves on! It is incredibly frustrating at first, but it does get easier as your hands learn what to do.

  4. You wind the yarn on a niddy noddy and tie it and wet it thoroughly and hang it to dry and it gets the twist set. It’s the most fun since sliced bread. You take a couple of feet of roving and separate it length wise into quarters and pull it gently until it is longer. But fat is very good to begin with or you can try a Navajo spindle which I prefer for fat beginning yarn. I’ve taught so many people to spin but you are far away. Don’t be afraid of the wool. Breaks are easy to fix…I didn’t know I shed so much till I started to spin.

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