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fire away

Extreme Closeup

So, Project Spectrum started yesterday, and despite being focused on the shawl, I wanted to have something appropriately themed to work on. Alas, since fire colors are generally not terribly flattering on me or any of the loved ones for whom I knit, I don’t own a lot of yarn in the colors for this 2-month period. The yarn you see above is the lone representative of fire in my yarn stash.

Orange Yarn, Orange Cat

(my favorite orange critter tries to get in on the action)

It’s sKnitches Kettle Drum, in “Goddess”. The color is fantastic…semi-solid, and sort of creamsicle-esque. This is probably my very favorite base yarn, a merino/bamboo/nylon blend. It’s the same yarn as I used to knit my Giotto With The Flow socks. I briefly considered knitting a second pair of those, but decided (with Lolly’s encouragement) to go for something a bit more fiery. I’m turning them into Flickering Flames Socks, and have actually already completed the picot hem…but they’ll be set aside for awhile so that I can work on the shawl this weekend (and work on a bunch of assignments and whatnot, as well).

My plan for this year’s Project Spectrum (ha, I typed “Project Runway” here, first…yeah, I’m a little obsessed!) is to let socks be my element-themed projects, since trying to plan larger projects to coincide with the themes just doesn’t work out well for me. We’ll see how it all goes…mostly I’m just excited to see what lovely PS-themed projects everyone else comes up with!

5 thoughts on “fire away”

  1. Hurray for Project Spectrum! I’m doing socks too, my first pair are pink Firestarters! I love the pattern you found though…maybe I’ll have time to do both? :)

  2. I love seeing what everyone is doing for PS! I am still trying to decide how I’m going to approach it, but I think that it will hopefully make me use some stashed yarn I’ve had stored away forever!

    I’m also a big PR fan. I can’t believe there wasn’t a new episode last week!

  3. very nice! love that color….i’m off with my PS months as well (I usually am!) i have to get moving though, get some orange or red on the needles!

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