jenny's shawl

the shawl, it grows

Last night, I added about 20 rows to the Shetland Garden shawl, and it’s looking gorgeous:

The shawl, it grows

The rows just keep getting longer and longer, but I don’t really mind. I’m really loving the yarn/needle/pattern combination here, it just makes my hands so happy. And I’m truly amazed by how quickly I’m starting to learn to “read” the lace and really understand the charts and the stitches and why it looks the way it looks; last night it really just “clicked” for me, and it was amazing. I guess I took to cables fairly quickly, too, so it shouldn’t surprise me (not to mention, being a linguist and all, I think I’m very naturally inclined towards understanding symbolic systems and patterns and such). Anyway, it’s just such a magical feeling, when you really get it. So fun.

The shawl is already getting too big to photograph without it getting all bunchy and lumpy looking, so I’m afraid the blog’s going to get a bit boring for awhile…because let’s be honest, we all love the photos, right? Hopefully I’ll find a way to keep this little blog interesting while I maintain my singleminded focus on this lovely little lump of lace.

7 thoughts on “the shawl, it grows”

  1. Very nice. And I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this, but I love your wedding ring. It’s really classic but different, ya know? Pretty.

  2. Lovely lace! Maybe I should try fingering-weight lace. Laceweight has eluded me thus far.

    I have given you a little award :) See my blog.

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