Hey, I don’t hate lace!


A couple days ago, I started over on my future sister-in-law’s shawl using fingering weight yarn instead of laceweight, and I’m very pleased with the results:

Jenny's Shawl, take two

My fingers are so much happier with the fingering weight yarn, and I was able to reach the point where I’d given up on the laceweight version in less than an hour of knitting, because I didn’t have to change the way I knit. The shawl is looking lovely so far, and it has a more substantial feel to it than the laceweight one did, which might not always be appropriate, but I think for this shawl, it is. (The pattern, by the way, is Sivia Harding’s Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl). Here’s a closeup of the central tree motif:

Jenny's Shawl

The yarn I’m using is undyed Knitpicks Gloss. There was a whole lot of drama involved in settling on a fingering weight yarn. I was first going to use the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that Cathy-Cate swapped with me for my original Trenna, but decided I still wanted some silk for this shawl. So I decided I’d go with Henry’s Attic Carrera, only to find that it was backordered from the place I’d tried to order it. I finally gave up on waiting last week, deciding that if I didn’t start soon, I wouldn’t finish, so I ordered some Gloss. And I’m really, really liking it, so I guess it was worth all the trouble. It feels great on my fingers while I’m knitting, and has a drapey, shimmery look to it once it’s knit at this gauge.

So, yeah…I don’t hate lace! It was just a matter of finding the right combination of yarn, needle, and pattern. I think I will always be a fingering-weight lace person, but I can live with that.


10 thoughts on “Hey, I don’t hate lace!

  1. I tend to prefer fingering-weight lace too, especially Koigu, it’s easier to knit and has a bit more body when wearing. I’m not constantly afraid I’ll snag it on something.

    Your shawl’s starting out lovely :-)

  2. Looking good! It’s funny sometimes how a yarn can really make or break a pattern… On more than one occasion I’ve been forced to rip back and try a different yarn to get my projects coming out looking even halfway decent.

  3. That’s really lovely, and the silk content makes it special. Gloss is nice to knit with, I think. And you can always overdye the Cherry Tree Hill yarn any color you want for something else — now that you’re a fingering weight lace person!

  4. I like it in the fingering weight yarn – maybe it’s being used to the weight yarn from knitting socks? I know even skinny sock weight yarn is hard for me to knit with!

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