What I did on my Winter Vacation

What I did on my Winter Vacation.

Not a whole lot. But what I did do, knitting-wise, was very enjoyable (the 17+ hours on a train each way, not so much!). First, we have my progress on the Chevalier Mittens:

Almost to my fingertips

I’m almost to my finger tips. The pattern has been very enjoyable, and I love the way those angled cables look. And of course, the yarn (Beaverslide 100% lambswool) is a delight to knit with, though for the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that I did manage to break it once, when I had hit a more loosely-plied section and yanked on it to tighten the join between needles…but it was very easy to spit-felt back together. The bright blue makes me so happy.

Next up, we have the first Single Sock of 2008:

First Single Sock of 2008

I finished up the toe of the Picot Pebble Purse Sock at the very end of our train ride coming back. I actually have a fair amount of yarn left over, which I’m not sure what to do with…maybe I’ll go Nova-style and turn them into baby socks, you know, for all those hypothetical babies in my life right now (very hypothetical, mind you!). I really love this yarn (Shibuiknits Sock in “Pebble”). I’ve been gravitating away from the variegated yarns recently and towards the solids and semi-solids, but this one is just really nice…muted colors, no weird pooling, just a nice flow from one color to the next. I do worry a little bit about how sturdy it will be…it doesn’t have any nylon content, and while it has a very tight twist, it feels so soft that I wonder how it will hold up under heavy wear. We’ll just have to see, I guess!

That’s all I’ve got, right now. I’m likely to be a bit quiet here in blogland for awhile, actually…I’m currently finishing up projects that I got extensions on (not that I’m feeling any better than I was when I took the extensions, really, but c’est la vie), and as soon as I’m done with that (or even sooner, perhaps!) the next semester will be starting. And my non-academic time for these next two months is going to be devoted to knitting my future sister-in-law’s shawl and getting my confidence back on the violin before my brother’s wedding in 2 months (where I will be giving my wonderful SIL her shawl, and playing my violin in the ceremony), which might not make for the most interesting blogging. But I promise I’ll be back in full-force as soon as life gets a little less crazy.

8 thoughts on “What I did on my Winter Vacation”

  1. I say, when you are stuck on a 17+ hour train ride, it’s a really good to be a knitter. Both projects look great. What a lovely, cheerful blue on those mittens and the cables are very cool. I really like colorway for the socks. It’s interesting without being loud and could also work really well for mansocks, methinks.

  2. Beautiful work as usual. I love the shade of blue in the mittens. It is so cheerful for the dreary days of winter. You take care of yourself and try to pop in once in a while so we know how things are going with the shawl and the violin practicing.

  3. Yes, I think those mittens want to be made by me. And I think you should turn those sockie remnants into a baby sock. You never know when a pair of baby socks will come in handy!

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