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We’re getting ready to head up to Minnesota to visit my family, so I’ve been thinking about what I ought to bring, knitting-wise. We’re taking the train up, so I’ll have a fair amount of knitting time there, but I don’t think my beloved sweater projects are really very good travel knits. So, I’m bringing a few little projects with me, instead, which is what you see above.

First off, a pattern from a very appropriate book (“Knitting on the Road”):

Friday Harbor socks-to-be

I’ve been looking for the perfect project for this Mountain Colors yarn I won in a Tour de France Knitalong drawing, and I found it: the Friday Harbor socks. They call for the same yarn (a single skein of Weavers Wool Quarters), and look like they’ll be a fun pattern, complicated enough to be interesting and pretty, but not too complex.

Next, we have these:

Beaverslide 100% lambswool in October Skye

A little Solstice present for myself: Beaverslide 100% Lambswool, in “October Skye”. Y’all, this stuff is awesome. I mean, the McTaggart Tweed is pretty darn soft already, but this is like…several times softer, if you can imagine it. Scrumptious. And the color is just the nicest clear blue. We had a gorgeously sunny day today (sorry, no pictures…it got dark by the time we were done running errands), and the December sky really was this color. I’ve balled up one skein, and will be taking it with me to knit a pair of Chevalier Mittens (actually, I just couldn’t help myself…I’ve already cast on and made it through the first couple of cabled rows). The pattern itself delights me, too…I’m a sucker for parallel texts of any kind, and have been having lots of fun today trying to figure out as much Finnish as I could (why yes, I am a linguist, what tipped you off? You know, other than my blog header?).

(Oh, and speaking of mittens…y’all, you must go see Adrian’s Gorgeous Mittens. Go on, I’ll wait. And she’s planning to offer kits…how awesome is that? Very awesome indeed.)

And finally, I’m bringing the second skein of the Shibui yarn for my Picot Pebble Purse Socks (haven’t seen those in awhile, eh? The first one is almost done, and no, I don’t have pictures, because they live in my purse and I forget about them when I’m at home with the camera. Plus, I think y’all know what a plain stockinette sock with a picot cuff looks like by now!). And all in my nifty little Lexi Barnes knitting notions case (I love the “Bali Hai” print!). Solstice/Christmas was very good to me on the crafting front…my husband gave me the Stupid Sock Creatures Book and Kit, which I’m delighted with (and a nice cast-iron skillet, which I’m also delighted with, but is not so crafty), and his parents sent me Traditional Scandinavian Knitting, as well as a variety of things to put my knitting notions in. And of course, I got lots of nice relaxing time with my beloved, which doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should what with our usual work schedules. And now I get to head up to spend time with my family, in my beautiful hometown which I do not get to see nearly often enough, which should be a very nice way to kick off the New Year.

I hope everyone else’s holidays were/are/will be just as wonderful!

9 thoughts on “packing up”

  1. have fun in minnesota! can you recommend a good place to purchase beaverslide yarn? i keep hearing such great things about it and now i’m dying to try it!

  2. The Friday Harbor socks are really nice – but be sure you check the errata. I have an early edition of the book and one of my charts had an error. (Easy enough to figure out, but a bit concerning at the time.)

    Have a good trip!

  3. Friday Harbor is a great pattern. I agree about the errata, I forget what they are, but there are some. I found the top edge to be a bit inelastic so when I make them again I think I’m going to use a size 3 for the top section.

  4. Happy New Year! I can not wait to see some Chevalier Mittens knit up in Beaverslide. I need to acquire some of that lambswool goodness. But not today. 2008 is the year of yarn moderation for me. Yes, yarn moderation…

  5. Did you start the Friday Harbor socks? I made these and love them, however, I have to say I would modify the toe if I did them again. It’s pretty pointy looking, and fits okay…. Not my favorite toe.

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