Bohus Status Report

Bohus Yoke, oh-so-close!

The Bohus Yoke is inching ever closer to completion. I have to admit, since I’m making it up as I go, I have had several moments where I get this sinking feeling, like “oh my goodness, it’s going to look like a mess in the end!”. Somehow I don’t quite trust that my freewheeling style on this one is going to work out. But then other times, I look at it and think, “wow, this looks fantastic!” What say y’all? Fantastic, or a mess? Or somewhere in between?

Bohus Yoke, close-up

Shortly after I took these pictures, I decided to do a little sanity-check, just to make sure that this thing I’ve spent all my knitting time on for the past month and half was actually going to, you know, fit. Here’s the moment of truth:

Moment of truth...

(why yes, I am in fact using my head as a much less effective tripod. And am rockin’ the pajama pants in the middle of the afternoon.) It fit, which was a huge relief. But then I had to go and, in a moment of inattention, decrease far too heavily in my final decrease round, and then keep blithely knitting onwards until I was ready to purl the baby blue turning row, at which point I realized that there was no way on earth that the sweater would go over my head(*). So now I’m going to have to rip right back to where I was when I took that picture. Oh well.

(*) Is my head somehow gargantuan? Because even if I hadn’t screwed up, and had followed EZ’s instructions to leave about 40% of my “key number” (based on my desired 35-inch body circumference), I would’ve wound up with a a neckline that is 14 inches around, which would actually be sort of uncomfortably difficult to pull over my head unless it were exceedingly stretchy. But I don’t feel like I look like a bobblehead or anything. Hmmm.

14 thoughts on “Bohus Status Report”

  1. I think it looks fantastic, and it fits you so well!

    I had some delusions that I was going to be able to finish my yoke before Christmas, but reality is setting in. I’m a little over half way through the body (for the second time).

  2. The yoke is fantastic. That you’re making it up as you go totally adds to it’s charm and makes it all the more impressive. And the fit of the sweater is freakin’ adorable!

  3. that is amazing. the fit looks perfect! i’m hoping mine comes out just as good! i’ll remember the neck info when i get there – i’m using the EPS as a guide too..beautiful!

  4. It looks beautiful, seriously. The only part that looks a tiny bit muddled to me is at the very top in that first picture, and I imagine that’s only because you’re sort of in the middle of a motif. And the modeled shot looks incredible. The fit seems perfect!

    As for your head, no, you don’t look like a bobblehead at all, but I imagine that the neckline is the first place where the EPS starts to degrade a little. I mean, head sizes don’t vary nearly as much among individuals as body sizes do. So it makes sense that a slender person like yourself might find have a larger head-to-torso ratio that average.

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