taking it easy


my usual view

That’s my usual view these days, right there. Ren loves to lay in the groove between my legs while I’m working on stuff in bed, which I’ve been doing a lot of lately, because I’ve been feeling pretty awful. As soon as I started feeling a bit better this semester, I went crazy trying to catch up on everything, and quickly enough I got myself back to feeling as rotten as I had been before. Yep, that awful “push-crash” cycle that I’m sure those of you reading this who suffer from any sort of chronic health issue are familiar with. One of these days, I’ll learn.

Today I’ve decided to work from home on the couch, instead of on the bed, mostly because I wanted to watch the movie Frida in the background while I work, because I love the music and all of the colors in that movie. Of course, not having his usual resting spot has made Ren very mischievous today, and I’ve worn myself out trying to keep him from getting into things that he shouldn’t. Thank goodness for canned air (it’s the only thing that works!). I swear, sometimes he just gets in these spiteful moods, where he does naughty things just to taunt me, and make me get up and chase him. Alas, he often does this on days when I just don’t have the energy to keep up. Bad kitty!

As you might imagine, I’ve not made tons of progress on my Bohus Yoke since the last time I posted. Here’s where I stand on the sleeves:

Progress on Bohus Yoke sleeves

(sorry about the crap lighting, it’s the best I could do!) I’m about four inches away from finishing sleeve #2. So, obviously, I will not be finishing this sweater before the end of November, seeing as there are a whopping 2 days left in the month, and I am a busy bee as far as schoolwork is concerned. But that’s ok. I’ll finish soon enough, and NaKniSweMo has still been a good thing for me, as it’s helped me focus on a particular project. If you’ve been following this blog for any reasonable amount of time, you might’ve noticed that my ability to focus on finishing a project is a bit lacking! So I’m glad I tried to do it, and not at all unhappy that I didn’t manage it.

I do curse having such long arms, though! I mean, here I am, a petite 5’3, and yet I need to knit 19.5 inches just to reach my armpits? Craziness, I tell you. But my arms really are that long. Four more inches, though, and then I get to the yokey goodness! I’m really excited about that, even if it does take me until sometime in December to finish up.