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first snow

Another peach-pink rose

We got our first snow last night. Just a light dusting, and it’s all melted now and I didn’t get a picture, but I’m afraid all our late-blooming roses are looking much worse for the wear. At least I took plenty of pictures of them to use as blog-fodder before the weather decided to take them out.

The first Bohus Yoke sleeve is coming along nicely, and I’m up past elbow height already (and given my long “monkey arms”, that’s pretty far!). Alas, I didn’t get around to taking a picture while we had decent daylight, and it’s already starting to get dark here (yes, at 4pm). So y’all will just have to believe me. It’s not like a sleeve is that exciting to look at, anyway.

I haven’t got anything else, really. The research and schoolwork keeps piling on, and it’s all wonderful, interesting stuff, but I just don’t have the energy for it all and it’s starting to get really overwhelming. So, to distract myself from it all for just a little while longer, how about a meme? I’ve seen this pop up a few places, most recently over at Stacey’s:

1. What’s your favorite sock yarn? (please note that the word ‘yarn’ is singular. Just pick one. I know it’s hard.) Though I really like the 100% wool sock yarns quite a bit, I’d have to say my favorite is sKnitches Kettle Drum, which I used to knit my Giotto-With-The-Flow socks. The merino-bamboo-nylon blend is so silky-soft while remaining sturdy, with the bamboo giving the yarn a lovely sheen.

2. What’s your favorite type and brand of sock needle? I’m pretty sure the only sock needles I have in my possession are Clover bamboo dpns of various sizes. I like them quite a bit. I definitely prefer dpns to circulars for socks…I tried Magic Loop once and did not enjoy it, and not just because of my allergy to the nickel-plating of the Addis I was using!

3. Do you knit your socks toe up, cuff down, or sideways? I’ve only ever knit cuff-down socks, but I definitely want to give toe-up a try. Soon, soon. We’ll see if I ever feel the urge to knit them sideways!

4. Do you knit both socks at once or just one at a time? I knit them one at a time. I know there are clever ways to knit two socks at once on dpns, but I really don’t mind doing them one at a time.

5. What’s your favorite toe and why? Wow, I’m boring, because I’ve only done the sort of “standard” toe (I don’t know what it’s called…it’s the one where you do a k2tog, k2, ssk on either side of the toe). Well, that, and the Tabi toe, which was similar but split. It fits my toes pretty well, but I’d be interested in trying others. Maybe I will one of these days, when I get around to knitting all those Nancy Bush socks I’m sort of obsessed with.

6. Favorite heel? I like the slipped-stitch heel flap a lot. I’m hoping to try an eye-of-partridge heel on a pair of socks soon, and maybe a few other flap-style heels like in some of those Nancy Bush patterns. I do not really like the short-row heel; it doesn’t fit my instep very well, doesn’t feel as sturdy, and quite frankly, doesn’t look as nice to me as a flap heel does.

7. Do you prefer plain or patterned socks? Oh, that totally depends on my mood and what else I’ve got going on in my life. Generally I knit fairly simple socks, because I tend to use socks as my all-purpose, carry-in-my-purse-in-case-of-boredom knitting, and don’t like to have to carry a pattern with me. But I am not opposed to complicated socks and socks-as-art…I think they’re gorgeous, if I can find time to knit them!

8. Who do you knit the most socks for? Me! I have also knit a pair for my husband, and the single Tabi sock for Jean, but that’s it. I had plans to knit my mother a pair of Tabi socks, long ago, but my cat Stimpy ate (a large portion of) the yarn I wanted to use (no, I am not even joking about that!), and I never got around to replacing it or finding a new yarn.

9. Do you darn your socks? If not, what do you do with them? I have only been knitting socks for a little under two years, so I’ve not needed to darn them yet. But I probably will, when the time comes.

10. Do you only wear handknit socks? I don’t yet have enough of them to wear nothing but handknit socks! But the last couple of winters I have definitely worn handknit socks as often as possible, and I intend to continue doing so.

Bonus question: What pattern, if any, is your basic “I-just-need-a-pair-of-socks” sock pattern based on? Do you keep it written down or memorized? My basic sock pattern is based on the basic sock recipe in the Yarn Harlot’s “Knitting Rules” book, sometimes with a picot-cuff thrown in instead of ribbing. It’s memorized…yep, even the heel turn!

3 thoughts on “first snow”

  1. Oooh, I feel so honored to be on the short list of people you’ve knit socks for. Reading through your meme, I see we have very similar sock preferences. Whoever paired us up, matched us very well.

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