oh well

Well, pooey. Got an email from Webs yesterday saying that they were actually out of stock on the super-cheap Montera. I guess lots of other people found it before I managed to! Oh well. I’ll still get my Lopi, and it’s not like I don’t already have plenty of stuff to knit up…for now I will just be content with petting the Montera when I’m in the yarn shop. Mmm, llama. So soft.

I finally got a start on the first sleeve of my bohus-yoke sweater today:

Bohus-Yoke, sleeve number 1

Not as much progress as I’d hoped for, but life has been running me ragged recently. It’s been really frustrating, this year, because in my mind’s eye, I am still that high-energy, up-for-anything marathoner that I used to be…but at this point, I’ve been so weakened from chronic illness that I can barely jog a mile without fainting. And keeping up with a busy workload at school isn’t working out so well, either. I keep thinking “oh, of course I’ll be able to do X, Y, and Z”, only to realize that while that may have been true a few years ago, it certainly isn’t anymore. My full week at the office last week only resulted in my being too hurty and exhausted to manage full days at the office this week. I stayed home today in hopes of recovering a bit, but have so many things I need to be working on that I can’t really rest. I am just so TIRED. And we’re entering the final month of the semester, which means on top of the constant string of readings, programming assignments, and written homeworks (and of course my research projects which aren’t tied to classes), I’ve got final projects/papers/exams to be contending with. So we’ll just have to see whether or not I can finish the sleeves and the yoke during the last half of this month…it seemed like it should be totally doable, but as I mentioned, I’ve become a terrible judge of that.

I’m feeling guilty, because the bohus yoke sweater has taken over every minute of knitting time that I have (not that I have very many of those to begin with, lately). Apparently, when you take away most of my knitting time, I become a very selfish knitter. I guess there’s nothing inherently wrong with that…knitting is my hobby, after all. But I do feel bad that the projects I’m working on for other people have taken a bit of a backseat lately. It’s nothing personal, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty about it anyway. It doesn’t help things that two of the projects I’m working on for others (the Escher mittens and the lace shawl) require an awful lot of thought and attention, especially when compared to just knitting mindlessly around in circles.

Not that I even have time to do that, right now. I’d best stop blathering about knitting, and get on to: putting together a short presentation for tomorrow, rethinking a project proposal, working on two different programming assignments, and reading a new batch of 8 (or more, I haven’t actually counted) papers. And dealing with a bunch of non-academic life stuff (like, you know, doctor’s appointments, medical bills, car issues, etc), too. Fun, fun.

5 thoughts on “oh well”

  1. So lovely. I am a selfish knitter and want to be. I refuse to do any Christmas knitting. Even though most of my knitting is for others, it’s projects that I choose to do that will keep me interested, after all it’s suppose to be a hobby that is relaxing.

  2. It’s difficult adjusting to a new way of life. I hope that you are not dragged under by responsibility and health issues. I think you should try and take comfort in your knitting and not look at it as an obligation. That way it can just be enjoyable…like petting the Montera. Ahem.

  3. Another selfish knitter here. Knitting time is so limited – we need to work on thing we will appreciate! It doesn’t help when you feel run down either. Everything then seems like a chore. Escape with your knitting – don’t feel obligated!

    (PS – loooooooove the colors you are using! I’m designing a yoke sweater right now that uses very similar ones!)

  4. Ah, this is why we don’t tell people we’re knitting something for them! That way, if it doesn’t get done (due to “selfish” knitting or what-have-you), they are none the wiser.

  5. Too bad about the Montera. I think your sleeve looks great. And there’s more progress there than it appears because you knit the facing, too. I’m sorry you’re feeling so run down. You sure do have a lot on your plate. It would be totally okay to be a selfish knitter, even if you weren’t so busy. Given that you are so swamped, knitting a lovely sweater for yourself sounds like the best thing you can do. :)

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