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Another rosebud

Thing the first: I took that picture yesterday, after we’d had a bit of rain. We have a bunch of roses blooming. Right now, in November. After we’ve had frost. Is this normal? I’m utterly clueless about roses (and didn’t even realize we had many of them, since we just inherited this garden from the previous owners without being given a map of its contents, and the roses were buried under a bunch of other plants, both of the apparently-deliberate and weed variety), but that seems bizarre. Not that I mind seeing pretty roses in our yard, but I didn’t think they were supposed to be blooming right now. I’m sure someone reading this is more knowledgeable about this stuff than I am, so I would definitely appreciate some shared wisdom.

Thing the second: My plan to take over the world via yoked-sweaters is succeeding. Ok, ok, so the Informal Society for the Appreciation of Yoked Sweaters only has two members, but just you wait! I’m already contemplating a partner for my Bohus-Yoke-in-progress, since I’ve used less than 2 of the 10 balls I had in my bag of natural-colored Paton’s Classic Merino to knit the body of the sweater, so I will definitely have enough leftover to knit a second one. I’m thinking that for the next one, I’ll do warm, fall colors (what can I say, I’m totally inspired by Adrian’s Fantom Bohus). Oh, and I’m also planning to knit the yoked Ski Sweater from Véronik Avery’s book, but with a nice green instead of the red. I actually ordered the yarn for it yesterday from Webs, along with a sweater’s worth of Classic Elite Montera, which was inexplicably on sale for only $2/skein (it’s probably all gone by now, but feel free to go check. Just doing my enabling-duty). Yeah, I really shouldn’t be buying more yarn, I already have way too much…but $2/skein, for that wonderful llama-wool blend? And if I was ordering anyway, well, I just couldn’t help throwing some Lopi in. Oh, how easily I rationalize these things. But I’ve been wanting a sweater that could double as a warm jacket for a really long time, anyway. And I’m probably going to be divesting myself of some of the yarn that I will never wind up knitting with soon, via the Destash! blog (if I do this, I will let y’all know so that you can have first dibs).

Thing the third: I heard from the person I was knitting the Tabi sock for (that would be Golden Purl), and she loves it! I’ve been wearing a stupid grin since reading her email…it just makes me so happy when I make something that turns out just right for the person I’m making it for. Yay!

Thing the fourth: Doesn’t Alli’s Notre Dame de Grace sweater look fabulous? I never paid much attention to it in the magazine, because it looked all boxy and stiff and weird on the model, but now I sort of want one.

Well, that’s enough blathering for now. I’d best get on to actual work, since I’ve got quite a lot of it to do today. I need to read about 8 different papers, get a start on two different programming assignments, and reread all of my notes for one of my classes, because we have an exam on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “sunday sundry”

  1. Your roses are beautiful in the rain! If I remember correctly, roses do have a second blooming period in the fall.

    I’m glad that you’re planning more than one yoked sweater; by the looks of things you’ll be done with your first before I even get the yarn!

  2. Yoke sweaters rule! I’m planning a thick cushy yoke sweater too! I’m kind of waiting to start it until it gets a little colder (I want one more transitional sweater first) because the yarn I got (Cascade Eco) is pretty thick and warm.

    I’m glad you like my Notre Dame Pullover! I really like it. I wore it every single day this week but then the snow melted and it got too warm for an alpaca sweater :(

    Other than that to combat The Box I added a little waist shaping and used a really drapey alpaca blend in a fairly loose gauge.
    I also have really narrow shoulders so I think saddle-shoulders and even drop shoulders look a little better on me than other styles do. I saw some versions on Ravelry where people had adjusted the pattern to have more of a set-in sleeve rather than a drop sleeve and that looks pretty nice.

    Can’t wait to see the how the colors shape up in your yoke sweater!


  3. We have some sort of rose bush growing outside our apartment window, and I noticed today that it’s blooming. Not what I expected for my first Michigan November! I know nothing about plants, but I’m going to go out on a limb (har de har har) and say that it’s normal? Or, it’s yet another side effect of global warming. Shrug.

  4. I don’t know if it should be blooming now or not, but that rose is really beautiful. Your photo is great.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the discounted Montera! Too bad I really don’t need more yarn…

  5. I’ll be joining the yoke-along pretty soon – I love how easy and great fitting they are!!!! looks like you’ll be yoking for a while with all that new yarn!

  6. Beautiful rose, and no it is not usual for roses to be blooming in Upstate NY in November. Yes there is a re-bloom in the fall but that usually means late September/early October at the latest. This is the first year in the 33 that I have lived in Rochester that my roses have bloomed this late.

    Yoke sweaters rule especially is I like to knit top down in the round a la Jacqueline Fee and Elizabeth Zimmerman. They seem so much easier to fit and NO SEAMING.

    Hope all went well with your exam today.

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