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Another rosebud

Thing the first: I took that picture yesterday, after we’d had a bit of rain. We have a bunch of roses blooming. Right now, in November. After we’ve had frost. Is this normal? I’m utterly clueless about roses (and didn’t even realize we had many of them, since we just inherited this garden from the previous owners without being given a map of its contents, and the roses were buried under a bunch of other plants, both of the apparently-deliberate and weed variety), but that seems bizarre. Not that I mind seeing pretty roses in our yard, but I didn’t think they were supposed to be blooming right now. I’m sure someone reading this is more knowledgeable about this stuff than I am, so I would definitely appreciate some shared wisdom.

Thing the second: My plan to take over the world via yoked-sweaters is succeeding. Ok, ok, so the Informal Society for the Appreciation of Yoked Sweaters only has two members, but just you wait! I’m already contemplating a partner for my Bohus-Yoke-in-progress, since I’ve used less than 2 of the 10 balls I had in my bag of natural-colored Paton’s Classic Merino to knit the body of the sweater, so I will definitely have enough leftover to knit a second one. I’m thinking that for the next one, I’ll do warm, fall colors (what can I say, I’m totally inspired by Adrian’s Fantom Bohus). Oh, and I’m also planning to knit the yoked Ski Sweater from VĂ©ronik Avery’s book, but with a nice green instead of the red. I actually ordered the yarn for it yesterday from Webs, along with a sweater’s worth of Classic Elite Montera, which was inexplicably on sale for only $2/skein (it’s probably all gone by now, but feel free to go check. Just doing my enabling-duty). Yeah, I really shouldn’t be buying more yarn, I already have way too much…but $2/skein, for that wonderful llama-wool blend? And if I was ordering anyway, well, I just couldn’t help throwing some Lopi in. Oh, how easily I rationalize these things. But I’ve been wanting a sweater that could double as a warm jacket for a really long time, anyway. And I’m probably going to be divesting myself of some of the yarn that I will never wind up knitting with soon, via the Destash! blog (if I do this, I will let y’all know so that you can have first dibs).

Thing the third: I heard from the person I was knitting the Tabi sock for (that would be Golden Purl), and she loves it! I’ve been wearing a stupid grin since reading her email…it just makes me so happy when I make something that turns out just right for the person I’m making it for. Yay!

Thing the fourth: Doesn’t Alli’s Notre Dame de Grace sweater look fabulous? I never paid much attention to it in the magazine, because it looked all boxy and stiff and weird on the model, but now I sort of want one.

Well, that’s enough blathering for now. I’d best get on to actual work, since I’ve got quite a lot of it to do today. I need to read about 8 different papers, get a start on two different programming assignments, and reread all of my notes for one of my classes, because we have an exam on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

there goes daylight…


NaKniSweMo progress

I have a feeling I’m going to be primarily posting on weekends for awhile, both because I’m ridiculously busy being a graduate student, and also because (partly due to said busy-ness as a graduate student) there is never any light during the times when I am at home, and since I like to post pictures, and pictures require light (at least, they do if I don’t want them to look like crap), I don’t have much to post except on the weekends.

This whole lack of sunlight thing has been hitting me quite hard since the time change. I think partly it’s because having the time change pushed back so far meant that at the point where we all had to adapt to the earlier evening, it was already a lot darker than it would have been had the time change happened a month earlier. In any case, I’ve always struggled with keeping my spirits up during the darker months. My husband likes to tease that I am “solar-powered”, because he swears he can literally tell whether or not it is rainy and dreary outside when I wake him up in the morning, just by my mood. It doesn’t help things that I spend the bulk of my time in my office at school, where there are no windows. Actually, I realized yesterday that last week was the first week of this entire semester where I have managed to be at the office, all day, for each of the 5 weekdays. This is both very good, because it means I am doing somewhat better, health-wise (and also sort of sad, that it’s 2/3 of the way through the semester and I’ve only just now managed to not miss a class or two in a week), and also very bad, because it meant I didn’t get very much in the way of sunlight last week.

What I did get a reasonable amount of was knitting time. Since my Bohus Yoke Pullover is knit in the round, I can knit it while I read papers, so I was able to knit a bit at the office. In fact, I’m now completely past the waist-shaping, and just need to knit the next couple of inches straight before it’s time to switch over to knitting the sleeves (which I got the needles for this afternoon, so I’m all set!). Here’s a better picture of my sweater so far, resting on the fallen leaves outside our house (despite the low light, fall has always been my favorite season, and I love the look of a nice pile of fallen leaves):

Better shot of Bohus Yoke progress

I’m really happy with how the waist shaping looks…I did directional decreases and increases on the outside of a 14-stitch region running up each side of the sweater…basically what it would have been like had I done my decreasing and increasing outside the garter gully on my Cobblestone, instead of increasing and decreasing the width of the garter gully. I think it’s fantastic. But really, I just can’t wait until I get to that yoke! I think fabulous yoked sweaters are what will get me through the dark months this time around.