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Tabi Sock is done!

Tabi Sock is done!

Pattern: Tabi Sock (left foot), from Véronik Avery’s new book, “Knitting Classic Style”
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential, in Pumpkin
Needles: size 2 Clover bamboo dpns

On Monday night, I finished the Tabi Sock for my pal. I waited until yesterday morning to take pictures, hoping to get a bit of sunlight, but my plans were ruined when yesterday turned out to be the dreariest day imaginable (it was simultaneously cold enough so as to require mittens, wet enough so as to require an umbrella, and windy enough so as to cause said umbrella to get turned inside out as soon as you stepped outside). Oh well. Our entire house is lit with compact fluorescents, which, while much better for the environment, make everything look really awful in pictures when they’re the only source of light. One of these days, I’ll build a lightbox a la Lolly, because (like her) I am starting to care a lot more about the quality of my photos, the more I post them on this blog. But I haven’t done it yet (obviously).

It fits my foot perfectly...

Anyway, the sock fits! Well, it fits me, at least. But since my left (smaller) foot is the same shoe size as my friend’s feet, I figure it should be fine. The pattern gave the directions for making the toes for the right foot, and then told how to reverse them, and since I wanted to be able to try the sock on my left foot anyway, I did the reverse directions, figuring that would give my friend less work to do when she knits its partner.

Tabi sock sole

Such a strange looking sock! And yet, surprisingly comfortable, and they’ll certainly be able to be worn with flip-flops, as per my friend’s request. Speaking of flip-flops, check out the package I’m sending (today, since I couldn’t get to the post-office yesterday):

All packed up and ready to go...

Get it? Little Japanese sandals to go with the Tabi sock! When I saw this printed boxy bag at zigzagstitches, I knew it had to be the thing I sent my pal’s sock in. Inside are the leftover yarn from the ball I used, the extra ball, the sock (of course!), and a little thing of SOAK wash (which totally didn’t show up in the picture, but I promise, it’s there). And of course, I’ll be sticking a copy of the pattern and my notes in the box as well (dear self: DO NOT FORGET THIS).

Progress continues on the Bohus Yoke, and I’m up to the narrowest point of the waist now. I’m thinking of bringing it in to work with me, since I can knit around and around while reading papers just fine. We’ll see if I feel like making my knitting obsession that obvious around the office. Oh, speaking of which, I wore Demi to the office yesterday, and got several compliments (and was also very warm, and felt very pretty, so I think it was just a win all around!). I’m wearing my Modified Cobblestone today, we’ll see what people think (I think Cobblestone looks a bit more “homemade”, to put it kindly, but I still love it). Oh, but I just realized that I do not possess size 7 dpns…and if I finish the body, I will need them to start the sleeve. I should work on acquiring those ASAP, eh?

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