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into the light

More Cascade 220 love

I braved daylight for a bit, just so that I could bring pictures to y’all, my dear readers. No, I haven’t become a vampire (though that would be quite seasonally appropriate, no?), but rather am nursing a migraine. At this point I think the “worst” is over (if you’re a fellow migraine sufferer, I’m sure you know what I mean by that), but I’m still very sensitive to light, sound, you name it. I’ve spent the past few days holed up in the bedroom, which is the darkest room in our house, attempting to get work done (and, um, read blogs, because it is lonely being stuck in a dark silent room all day) on my laptop, with my screen dimmed as much as possible. Alas, it is not nearly as dark as it could be in here, because you know what helps on that front? Curtains! Which I, obviously, have not yet made. I remember when I was talking to my friend about making these curtains, she mentioned that she really liked sheer curtains, and I all I could think was, “dude, you must not get migraines”. My curtains will be near-blackout curtains, with a dense flannel backing. Perfect for creating an ideal migraine-room. You know, once I make them.

But! All is not doom-and-gloom here at casa whitknits. There are good things happening, yes indeed. First off, I don’t know what kind of crazy pills I was taking earlier (apparently a week full of stress and car trouble renders me incapable of, you know, reading), but I actually have enough yarn for the third largest size of the Cambridge Jacket, so I definitely have plenty to knit the second size. And what I realized yesterday was that after casting on and setting up the pattern, it was something I could work on in the dark, by touch alone (though there were periods where even touch hurt and I couldn’t do anything at all, but hey, we’re being positive here!), since, as a manly sweater, there is no waist shaping or anything of that sort to keep track of. How about that? So now I have several inches done:

Andrew's sweater: the beginning

And now I have to sing the praises of the yarn I’m using. It’s been ages since the last time I’ve knit with Cascade 220, but oh my goodness, it is so wonderful! I know, I know, it’s just a really basic yarn, but it’s just so nice to knit with. The sturdy feel, the crisp stitch definition, the beautiful, saturated colors…I love it. Thank you, Cascade, for providing me with such a happy knitting experience! One last picture of the gorgeousness that is this yarn (the color is “Aporto”, a beautiful deep teal blue):

I love you!

And I have even more pictures to share! Not of the Cambridge Jacket, of course, because how many pictures can you take of a few inches of stockinette plus ribbing? (actually, don’t ask. I could probably take quite a few.) No, these are of the Tabi Sock, which is inching ever closer to completion (which is a good thing, since I’m supposed to send it off to a friend at the end of the month, with the yarn for her to knit its partner). Just a couple more repeats of the lace pattern, and then I can start shaping the toe(s):

Nearing the end

I love this pattern…it’s just on the cusp of being too complicated to memorize, but there’s a system to the madness, and the end result is gorgeous. And the yarn is a pleasant surprise as well…it’s just plain old Knitpicks Essential! But it’s so soft and feels very sturdy, too, and I really, really love this Pumpkin shade:

Tabi Sock closeup

Mmm, pumpkiny goodness! Doesn’t that just make you want pumpkin pie? Well, it makes me want pumpkin pie. Or even better, Pumpkin Muffins (I made those a few weeks ago and shared them with my early-morning Computational Methods classmates, and they were a huge hit). If I didn’t feel like total crap, I would be making more of those this weekend, no doubt. Maybe I’ll do it anyway.  I’m sure my classmates would appreciate it!

4 thoughts on “into the light”

  1. Man, migraines suck! And I totally hear you about those curtains. Hope you feel better soon!

    Cascade 220 is a really great yarn. I have used it for two cabled sweaters for myself and it’s my wool of choice for knitting hats for presents. Hurray for Cascade!

  2. Sorry to hear about your migraines. I’m glad you’ve been able to emerge a little bit recently.

    I love the colors on your current projects! They’re looking great.

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