c’est la vie

Stimpy likes to watch me knit

Proof that I do still knit! (I’m turning the heel on my Tabi Sock in the picture). And that I am ridiculously pale. And that my cat likes to watch me knit, probably because he wants to steal and eat the yarn. And yes, I know it looks like I have a monkey growing out of my head. But I really don’t. That is Manuel Monkey. My brother won him for me a really, really long time ago. He lives on the couch, and is very useful when there is something scary on TV and I need something soft and fuzzy to hug.

Anyway, sorry about just disappearing into thin air for awhile there. This past week has been full of crappy, crappy things, and I just haven’t had the energy to blog (nor to do much of the knitting that this blog is purportedly about). First we had a flat tire, and couldn’t get the tire off and had to call AAA to help us. Then, two days after after we’d dealt with it, the tire went flat again, this time late in the evening, and we again couldn’t get it off and had to call AAA, and then spend all of the next morning getting the tire taken care of. While I appreciate having access to AAA and I know they don’t have a lot of control over their drivers, both drivers were incredibly rude and condescending towards me (unfortunately, the AAA membership is in my name, and I thus can’t just hand everything over to my husband and just avoid all the sexist crap that comes out of their mouths), which was extremely frustrating. I mean, I’m sure it’s annoying to get called out (and by a silly, helpless little female, no less!) for a flat tire. But trust me, my husband and I both kicked the thing like crazy to try to get it to come off after we’d put the car up and taken the bolts off (or whatever they’re called…I’m not good with the terminology!), and it wouldn’t budge until the big truck driver went at it. We’re just small people, is all. And apparently Subaru tires don’t like to come off. Bah.

But the kicker: two days after the second time the tire went flat, we had the most terrifying experience of having the car start completely freaking out, while we were driving down a busy road, in the middle lane, with no place to pull off. All of the electrical things went out, meaning we had no blinkers or four-ways or anything to warn people that our car was not ok, or to signal to try to get out of the road…and let me tell you, other drivers do not give you the benefit of the doubt, and simply assume you are driving strangely with the sole purpose of pissing them off and respond accordingly, which only made being in the scary situation of having a car that was randomly braking (among other things) while we were trying to drive even worse. Anyway, after yet another call to AAA, we had it towed to a shop, and learned that the alternator had burned out (which was actually something of a relief…we thought we might have damaged the AWD system somehow when we put the spare tire on), and we were out $600. On my husband’s birthday, no less. So the money we’ve been putting aside to do something nice for ourselves is once again gone. Every time, it seems. It’s getting really old. I mean, we still haven’t even had a honeymoon, you know? But every time we start saving and planning for something nice, the world has to come along and yank it away. C’est la vie, I suppose.

And I’ve been crazy-busy with academia-related business on top of all this, and have been having health problems, too, but when am I not? That’s not news at all at this point. Moving on…

So, yeah, the Cambridge Sweater, the one I was going to start on his birthday? Didn’t happen. He did get delicious apple cake (chopping apples is a wonderful way to work out one’s wrath towards the world), from my family’s recipe (thanks, great grandma Alice!), and a trip to the Ethiopian restaurant once we had our car back. But no sweater has been cast-on for my beloved birthday boy. Not only was life a bunch of crazy on his birthday, but I also realized I hadn’t bought enough yarn for the second size of the sweater (which is what he wants, because it’s meant to go over things so it should have a fair amount of ease), and no one is still selling the dyelot of the yarn I bought, so I need to do some thinking. I’ve heard that the sleeves turn out gigantic if you follow the pattern, so perhaps if I just use the pattern as an inspiration and knit it my own way, I won’t use as much yarn. Or I could design a different sort of cardigan for him. Or I could knit him a Seamless Hybrid, but I’m having a hard time discerning whether or not he’d actually wear a pullover. I’ll figure it out, eventually.

8 thoughts on “c’est la vie”

  1. Poor you! I’ve had both a stuck-on tire and a bad alternator, so I understand somewhat :/ For the tire, the guy from the gas station hit it at the corner of the rim with a sledgehammer. It made the tire angle and then pop off. The guy who had pulled over to help me was hitting it head-on with no luck, so I think the angle thing helps. But I hope you don’t need that advice any time soon!

  2. I’m so glad you guys are OK. How scary to have the car freak out like that. AAA – I think if they want people to belong, they do need to deal with the rudeness of some of their drivers. I don’t understand if they don’t want to be doing the work they’re doing – don’t take it out on people that expect them to be doing their job!

  3. The reason people join AAA is so they don’t have to jack up cars and wrestle with bolts. Don’t feel bad for calling them! I would never want to drive on a tire that had been only hand-tightened. And if a tire is tightened by machine, it takes more than average strength to loosen the bolts. That’s their job and there’s no reason to feel bad about asking them to do it!

    Hope things start looking up soon!

  4. While I don’t have a solution for the yarn shortage issue in the cambridge jacket, I have a couple other suggestions with that pattern. I made it for my dad for christmas. First, don’t do the single crochet edging, as it really doesn’t keep the st st parts from rolling up. I futzed with that for several days and finally picked up all the stitches from the bottom and did a 3×2 ribbing to match the ribbing on the sides. Also, the sleeves on the one I made turned out fine (my dad is of such physical stature that any extra roominess is a good thing!), but if you’re afraid of baggy sleeves, you could try doing some of that wide ribbing up the middle of the sleeves so it pulls in a little.

    Oh, I actually do have a thought regarding the idea for a seamless hybrid…what if you added some steek stitches and cut it to make a cardigan anyway? You could probably do either a buttonband or a zipper then.

  5. I think Susan has the right idea about the seamless hybrid… just do an EZ cardigan instead!

    I hope your bummer of a week turns around.

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