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Sunday Sock Update

Pumpkin lacy goodness.

Still flailing madly, trying to keep up with all my work alongside illness, but I thought I’d make a little post to show off my whopping sock progress (ahem, that would be sarcasm, as will become obvious once y’all see what I’ve actually accomplished). What you see above is my progress on the Tabi sock, once I finally got a nice cast-on (on my fourth try, after returning to my original yarn!). It’s coming along pretty nicely, wouldn’t you say?

Tabi sock, with lace stretched out

I’ve finished the cuff and one repeat of the leg pattern. One thing I really like about lacy/patterned socks is that it’s so tempting to keep knitting and knitting, just to see what the next repeat will look like, so they go pretty quickly. Which is an extra good thing, in this case, since this sock is due to be sent off at the end of the month (with its partner to be knit by the recipient)!

My remaining progress this week was on my “purse sock”, the Picot Pebble Sock. It saw a lot of action on Thursday, during my half-day long session of medical testing, and received a heel and gusset (as well as many compliments from the nurses):

Picot Pebble Progress

And that’s it. That’s the entirety of my knitting accomplishments in recent weeks. Halfway through Socktoberfest, and barely anything to show for it! No progress on my Sienna Cardigan (fortunately, though, I realized that I do actually have a set of needles I can use to cast-on my husband’s sweater on his birthday in 4 days without having to take Sienna off its needles). No progress on any of my other socks. I still haven’t woven in the ends on my Modified Cobblestone, to be honest (though I really should, as it’s gotten quite chilly here and I could certainly use it!). And I definitely haven’t sewn curtains.

Oh well.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sock Update”

  1. Both are very lovely. I can totally sympathize with the lack of progress to show for Socktoberfest. I am still enjoying everyone else’s creations though!

  2. The orange sock is turning out beautifully. And I just have to say it again: I love that pebble yarn. What yarn is it? It’s so lovely.

  3. Your poor output outpaces my best. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Your socks are lovely, and I really like your photography. You have a good eye!

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