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I wish I had 8 arms…

octopus arms

Oy. Y’all, I am so ready to just collapse into a heap of exhaustion and hurtiness. I’m so busy with classes and research that I barely have time for anything else, and I’m being told that the pain that’s gotten a lot worse since I started getting really sick this past spring is probably a chronic problem with no easy solution, and I have to go in tomorrow morning, after fasting (which I hate…breakfast is something I look forward to in the mornings, very much), to chug barium and have them take X-ray pictures of my tummy because they still haven’t exactly figured out what’s going on with that, and then immediately afterwards rush myself (on foot, and it’s a good mile-long walk) to class to turn in homework (that I still need to finish) and take an exam, and it is just TOO MUCH. ::whine whine whine::

In an attempt to make myself feel better (and to bribe myself to finish some work that I just didn’t feel like doing), I started knitting those octopus arms at the top of the post. One arm for each section of reading, or each function implemented on my programming assignment. I’m using the pattern from hansigurumi, and they’re turning out marvelously. It’s a lot of little pieces, but that’s actually working out well given that I’m using them as motivation for finishing lots of little pieces of research/coursework. I have also knit the head/mantle section, but have yet to finish off the tentacle section (but I do have pipe cleaners ready and waiting, so the arms will be poseable!).

Oh, by the way, thanks, everyone, for your tips on getting a better cast-on for the Tabi socks! I’ve ripped them out, and am going to try again using a slightly heavier yarn (for me, it is far too easy to squish down the sock yarns that don’t have a really tight twist, and KP Essential is one of those easy-to-squish yarns), over larger needles. I probably wouldn’t be such a perfectionist about this sock if I were knitting it for me, but it is actually being knit for someone else, so I want to make sure I get it exactly right.

And now, for something completely different:


Yeah, that’s fabric. And thread. I’m gonna sew something! To be specific, I’m actually going to be making curtains for our bedroom (you know, only 3 months after moving in…we currently have a menagerie of random curtainlike-cloth-items covering our various windows, which makes me sad). I am so utterly delighted with the print I found (on sale!). It is exactly what I envisioned…robin-egg blue (which goes with a lot of our bedroom stuff), that lovely green (which goes with almost all of the rest of our stuff), and a dash of salmon (which looks pinker in that picture than in real life), in a slightly wonky geometric print that is exactly my style. My husband is really happy with it, too, so it really couldn’t be more perfect. We got some cream-colored flannel to back them with, too. My plan is to make fairly plain rectangular curtains, with a place to slide a spring-rod through at the top, and to put buttonholes on the backside of the bottom hem, and buttons on the back towards the top, so that we can fold it and button it up halfway to let light in when we want to. I’d wanted to make roman shades the way my mom used to always do, so that we could pull them up and and put them down more easily, but my cat is stupid, and would eat anything that used a cord (he has destroyed several sets of blinds in our previous apartments in this manner). So buttons it is. I’m quite pleased with my idea, actually, so I hope I can actually make it happen. This is always a problem with me and sewing projects. Big on the ideas, bad on the details and actual implementation.

But for now, I can’t worry too much about it anyway, because I have lots to do before my day o’ fun tomorrow. Blech. At least my purse sock will get lots of attention tomorrow, eh?

6 thoughts on “I wish I had 8 arms…”

  1. Can’t wait to see your octopus!

    And seriously, 3 months isn’t that long at all for putting up curtains–it took me two years to get curtains up in the living room and dining room after we moved in to our house! ;) I really really love the fabric you have picked out!

  2. I love reading your blog – it reminds me that I’m not the only grad student struggling to maintain some semblance of a normal life, and it makes me feel good that I’m not the only one whining about it. Seriously.

    As for the curtains thing, you’re way ahead of me. My husband and I moved in two months ago and we weren’t even cool or crafty enough to attempt making our own. Ikea did it for us. Yours will look way more awesome, and you’ll have bragging rights for creating them, too.

  3. I’m going to be sewing curtains this weekend too! And we’ve been in our house for 4 months, so you’ve got me beat, at least.

    Sorry to hear about all the doctor’s visits. Chronic pain is a bitch, whatever the source. Crossing my fingers they find something helpful!

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