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things that are not socks

super-closeup of cuff

Yeah, it’s Socktoberfest, but there’s more than just socks on my needles. My poor non-sock projects just haven’t gotten much blog-love lately! The picture up top is my progress on my dad’s Escheresque mittens…about 1 inch of cuff. It doesn’t look like much, but remember, it’s 104 stitches on 00 dpns, so it’s rather slow going (especially with the corrugated ribbing). Since I’m planning to have a short cuff on these (both because I think longer cuffs tend to look rather feminine, and also because I don’t want to run out of yarn!), I think I’m pretty much ready to start the colorwork chart, so expect a picture of that sometime soon. For now, one last shot of the cuff:

the cuff

I really like it. With the two sock-weight yarns knit at such a tight gauge, the cuff has a nice, substantial feel to it. And it’s so good to see that the two yarns contrast against one another so well.

The other thing that hasn’t seen much blog-love lately is the Shetland Garden Shawl that I’m knitting for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I’ve not made it terribly far, since I was having so much trouble knitting it on the plastic Denise needles that I just started it over once my nice pointy Knitpicks needles arrived. Here’s a closeup of the progress through row 20:

Closeup of Shawl Progress

I’d show the whole thing, but all of the photos I took except for this closeup were horribly blurry. Anyway, it’s coming along nicely, and I’m starting to get used to knitting fine yarn on such (relatively) large needles, though it still feels a bit awkward. I’m really liking the Knitpicks Harmony needles…they’re nice and pointy, with just the right amount of “stickiness” (that is, my yarn doesn’t go sliding all over the place, like it did on the plastic needles). And oh-so-affordable, which is another huge plus!

Last but not least, I’m cranking away at the sleeves of the Sienna Cardigan. I forgot to take a picture, but I’m almost up to the elbow on both of them. I’m knitting them at the same time so that once I’m done, I’m done! No second-sleeve syndrome for me! And then there’s just the button-band/collar to knit, and I’ll have myself a brand new cardigan. I’m shooting to finish it by October 18th. Why the 18th? Because that’s my husband’s birthday, and I promised myself I’d cast on for his sweater on his birthday, but I need the needles from Sienna to do so!

6 thoughts on “things that are not socks”

  1. Um yeah, so I think 100 sts on 0s for that cuff is like the equivalent of reaching the armpits of a worsted weight sweater…

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