Tabi sock

What little there was of the Tabi sock when this photo was taken earlier today is no more. It’s better I noticed this now, than after knitting a whole sock, but…my cast-on is way too tight on this sock. You can probably even tell in that picture with the way the lace is pulling in at the top. I’m not sure why…I don’t generally have this problem, but then again, I’ve not knit a sock that has a lacy cuff before, either. Any tips? What’s a good, stretchy cast-on? I used the Twisted German Cast-On, which I’ve always felt was pretty darn stretchy, but alas, it’s not cutting it here. Should I just cast on over larger needles, or is there a better cast-on to use? Help!

5 thoughts on “help!”

  1. I tend to use the long-tail cast-on with my top-down socks, because I find it’s easier to control how loose or tight it is. Alternately, I find working stuff toe-up and using a sewn bind-off at the leg works really well.

  2. Oh no! I have just been reading up on the twisted german cast on today and thought it was the solution to all my quandries… with top down socks, I usually use the long tail method and two needles held together. Seems incredible loose to start with but usually is just about right.

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  4. I do just what Meg does, and have never had a problem that way.

    Now I’m going to have to look up the twisted German cast-on…

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