Socktoberfest is over…

And these still represent the entirety of my handknit sock collection. Yep, I finished exactly zero socks this Socktoberfest. Not even the Single Sock (the Tabi Sock, that is) that was supposed to be done in time to put in the mail tomorrow. I'll finish it pretty soon after that, but tomorrow? Not so much.… Continue reading Socktoberfest is over…


dreams, dreams

(Picture of adorable sleeping Stimpy, to distract you from the fact that there are no knitting pictures in this post) You know, I might actually finish things every now and then if I stopped constantly getting distracted by new, bright shiny things every ten seconds. But...y'all, the new Interweave preview is up. And wow. I… Continue reading dreams, dreams



What little there was of the Tabi sock when this photo was taken earlier today is no more. It's better I noticed this now, than after knitting a whole sock, cast-on is way too tight on this sock. You can probably even tell in that picture with the way the lace is pulling in… Continue reading help!