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perfect end to a terrible week

This was a rough week. Not only did I have a pile of assignments and such to be working on, and all the usual aches and pains, but I also managed to turn that ubiquitous back-to-school cold into a raging sinus infection. And, well, I don’t react well to antibiotics, either, so let’s just say last week was not very much fun. But! Look what came in the mail to cheer me up:

My Beaverslide Yarn came!

My Beaverslide Yarn! It is so soft and tweedy and sheepy-smelling and wonderful. The perfect thing to cheer up my exhausted, stuffed-up, achy, queasy, sore-throated self, no? I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play a bit more with the camera, nor the opportunity to bathe myself in the yarny goodness, so, well, here you go:

Mmm, yarn

What, you mean you’ve never had the desire to roll around in yarn? Well, I did. Except I was too tired. So instead, I took a nap in it:

Naptime with Yarn mosaic

Ah, sweet dreams of tweedy Tomten Jackets. My feet even got in on the action:

More yarny fun for my feet

(Note how my yarn matches my couch pillows perfectly. And is strikingly similar to the colors of my Cobblestone sweater. And my Rogue. And a few other things I’ve knit. You might say I am a wee bit obsessed with these colors. Maybe.)

I can’t wait to turn this stuff into a Tomten Jacket! But of course, I have other things that I’m working on right now, so it will have to wait for its turn in the queue…

11 thoughts on “perfect end to a terrible week”

  1. I love those photos of you with the yarn. So cute. And tweedy greens, yes! I swear the next yarn I get for a sweater will be tweedy greens or tans or blues. That has to be after I actually knit a sweater with what’s in my stash, though, heh.

  2. That yarn is so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see it knit up into a Tomten! Sorry to hear about the sinus infection, that sounds totally miserable :-/

  3. Maybe someone could develop a yarn with eucalyptus for us, so that we could knit or nap with it, and breathe better at the same time?

    Hope you are on the mend!

  4. I was googling for knitting-related things and stumbled on your blog. At the risk of sounding creepy, you are really, really pretty in these pics (and you knit awesome things).

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