I’ve been a bad blogger

Shibui Sock Yarn

I’ve been a very poor participant in the blogging community lately. You’ll have to forgive me…I’m currently buried under a pile of papers, research, homework, and a cold that just won’t quit, all of which are exacerbating the health problems I’ve been plagued with for all these months now. I’ve seen so many lovely, lovely things on everyone’s blogs lately, but just haven’t been able to find the time (literally) to comment on them, which I feel bad about, but c’est la vie. I love y’all, and hopefully at some point I will adapt to having a full schedule again and will find the time to show it!

For now, I’m just poking my head out of the pile ‘o work to show off the new occupant of the position of “purse sock”:

Picot Pebble socks

I’m calling them my “Picot Pebble Socks”, because, well, there’s a picot cuff, and the yarn is Shibuiknits in “Pebble”. Apparently I am not very clever when it comes to sock names. I really like the yarn, and the colorway is knitting up nicely without any unsightly pooling. I love the blend of browns, greys, and blues. Very pebble-ish, indeed. They’re a very pleasant thing to turn to when I’ve got a spare moment to knit while I’m out and about, and got a fair amount of attention this weekend, while I attended a local conference on stuff that’s related to things that I study, in the downtime between sessions. And I have a few doctor’s appointments coming up, so I’m sure they’ll get some more attention then, too.

Now back to work (of the non-knitterly variety) with me!

9 thoughts on “I’ve been a bad blogger”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling yucky. On a goo d note, that yarn is oh so pretty! It should help you feel better, I hope!

  2. That may be the perfect handknit sock: beautiful yarn to knit with, but also something that I would have worn before I started knitting. Now the only question is, how long can I resist ordering some of that yarn for myself?

  3. I agree, that yarn is very yummy. Hope you fell better soon and that the record breaking heat we had today didn’t make things worse. My mom who is 94 and always cold actually put on a short sleeved shirt. But 92F on 25 Sept, woooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hope you can get your head out of that pile soon! Your socks are lovely and a purse sock is always a good idea. My projects are usually too big to tote around. :(

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