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Waiting Room Socks are done!

Waiting Room socks are finally done

After many months in my purse, tagging along to oodles of doctor’s appointments all summer, I finally kitchenered the toe of the second sock this morning, just in time for me to wear them to school today. Which is a good thing, because no matter what the temperature is outside, my office is freezing. Wool socks are a huge plus! Here’s the details:

Pattern: basic sock recipe from “Knitting Rules!”
Yarn: Vesper sock yarn, in (I think) “Aquamelon”
Needles: size 1 Clover bamboo dpns

I’ve already knit one pair of socks from Vesper sock yarn (from back in the day before she had superwash…this particular skein has been in my stash for at least a couple years)…in fact, the header image of this blog is a closeup of my other pair of Vesper socks. They’re soft and wonderful, and I love the bright stripes. This particular colorway is almost impossible to photograph, it’s so bright. But I love it. It makes me happy, to look down at my feet and see this combo of bright pink and green. These socks have been with me through a lot of stress these last few months, and it’s nice to finally get to see them on my feet:

So bright and happy!

I’ve already cast-on for the next pair of “purse socks”! You’ll just have to wait and see which yarn I picked…

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