cobblestone pullover

Modified Cobblestone is (almost) done!

Two sweaters in as many weeks, how about that? This one is a bit more problematic, though, as you’ll see. I finished the knitting on my Modified Cobblestone Pullover yesterday, and took some pictures despite the fact that I’ve not blocked it nor done any weaving-in of ends (though I did kitchener the underarm stitches together, which I enjoyed a whole lot, because I like kitchener stitch more than is at all reasonable). Here’s the finished piece (aka “the brightest, happiest, softest sweater ever”), laying on the couch:

Modified Cobblestone is (almost) done!

The late hour necessitated the use of flash, which made the colors come out sort of funny, though they’re truer in that picture, I think, than in the ones that follow:

It fits!

(wow, do I look tired in this picture)

It fits! And very well, too, which is a good thing, because I modified the pattern like crazy. But I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of math, and it did not fail me here. I got exactly what I wanted…fairly fitted, but with plenty of ease for wearing over a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, and with sleeves that go over the tops of my hands instead of being too short, which is what usually happens when I follow a pattern. Had I knit the smallest size as given in the pattern, it would have looked more like a sack on me, so I’m glad I downsized it and added the waist shaping.

Side view

This is the picture where I was trying to show off the side shaping, which is done by decreasing and then increasing the width of the garter band that runs up each side of the sweater, but the flash completely washed out that detail. The picture still amuses me, because I’m sticking my tongue out at my cat in it.

Back view (with cat)

Here’s the back. You can see a little bit of the “problematic” part running up the middle of the back, but for a better view without my messy ponytail in the way, there’s this:

Garter + Shortrows + Stripes = messy

As I say in the header of that flickr photo, “Garter + Shortrows + Stripes = messy”. In the middle section, where there were no shortrows, my “knit/purl both colors together on the first stitch of each round” approach worked nicely, and yielded that sort of “faux-seam” running up the back, which I don’t mind at all (so far as I can tell, there’s no good way to avoid the end of the round being obvious when you’re knitting garter in the round, and even moreso when you’re knitting garter in the round with two colors). The problem is at the top and bottom of the yoke, where the shortrows just made everything a mess. No matter what I tried, it just came out wacky looking at the end/beginning of the round, so eventually I gave up and decided I’d just do my best to clean it up when I wove in the ends. We’ll see how well I can do.

In short: I love the fit, the softness, and the colors. I don’t love the mess that the shortrow sections created on the back. While I really like the way the yoke of the sweater sort of glows with the bright-green yarn striped in, I’m not sure I’d recommend it to anyone, unless they are far more clever about striped garter stitch in the round than I am. What might work better, if you want a more colorful yoke, is to switch to a coordinating variegated yarn for the yoke section, and forgo any sort of striping. Because seriously, “Garter + Shortrows + Stripes = messy”. As it stands, I’ll probably do my best to clean it up and just leave it. After all, I intended for this sweater to be a cozy thing to cuddle up in this winter, and while the perfectionist in me is not very happy with the less-than-perfect back, it’s not the end of the world, and I can’t really rip it back at this point without buying even more yarn…I wouldn’t have enough of the blue to do it without stripes, and I’m not sure I’d want the yoke to be solidly bright green, and Malabrigo’s a bit expensive now to be buying more and more of it.

Maybe I’ll just knit myself a second one in a single color (of something a bit less expensive than Malabrigo!)…

11 thoughts on “Modified Cobblestone is (almost) done!”

  1. i love it! it looks great on you, and i love the blue and the green together. would you mind putting together a list of your mods for us?

  2. Your sweater looks great! I love the colors you chose. And Demi is amazing too (catching up on posts here).

    I hope you are feeling better now that the heat is not so bad. I also hope you can adopt that kitty. Maybe the shelter will find homes for the kittens when they are born — I am sure they’d be thrilled if you wanted to adopt the Mom.

  3. That looks amazing! Yay for you. Have you thought about doing some simple embroidery over the messy part on the back? Even if it doesn’t cover the transition completely it would turn it into a Design Feature! My motto is “make your mistakes look intentional” :)

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