back to school

Here is a picture of a happy cat in a basket, just to keep this from being another one of those boring posts without pictures (because don’t we all love the eye candy?):

Oh, such a happy cat

There. All better. Thanks, everyone, for all of the compliments and kind words about Demi in my last post. I’m still feeling utterly thrilled with the way that sweater turned out. Now, if it could just cool off so that I could wear it, that would be fantastic.

Today is the first day of classes for fall semester at my university, and as such, my schedule is about to change dramatically. To be perfectly honest, I’m a bit worried about how I will handle having a full schedule again, instead of the “reading and doing research from home” schedule I had all summer, given that I’m still not feeling anywhere near 100%. But the relevance to this blog, really, is that the time I have for knitting (and for blogging about said knitting) will be a lot less than it’s been for the past few months. I’m close enough to finishing the Sienna Cardigan and my Modified Cobblestone that they probably won’t wind up languishing away all winter or anything like that (I’ll probably wind up finishing the Cobblestone over the course of the evenings this week, actually). And I intend to leave my Chevron Scarf (remember that good old thing?) in my desk drawer at the office, for those times when I need a break from reading/programming/running subjects/etc. And of course, there’s the Escher mittens for my dad and lace shawl for my future sister-in-law that are definitely being worked on here at home (they’re both too complicated to take out and about with me). So, there will be knitterly progress…it just might be rather slow and distributed across smaller projects for awhile, at least until I settle into my schedule a bit. And that’s that.

Here’s a question for my lovely readers: Those of you who make knitting charts, how do you do it? I’d like to make a digital version of the Escher chart that isn’t just a scanned-in version of my hand-drawn chart, though if I’ve got to go that route, I will. And of course, I’d love to chart a few of the other things that are bouncing around in my head (like a cabled interpretation of a neuron, which a certain someone will probably be very excited about!), too.

A final note to the two lovely people who offered to turn my Red Yarn into Red Scarves well over a month ago: I only just now found it, after the mess I created of my things during our move. If either of you think you’d still like to have it, even though the deadline for scarves for the project is coming up quite quickly at the end of this month, shoot me an email and I’ll get it out to you right away. Or, heck, if you want it to make scarves for next year’s program, or whatever, just let me know whether you still want it. I feel horribly guilty about offering it up only to lose it right away during packing!

6 thoughts on “back to school”

  1. I use Excel for my charts, at least so far … None of them have been published, but it is pretty handy for my purposes. I just select a large number of columns, and change column width to .24 or .25 or so, and then fill in squares with colors or symbols as warranted. This may not be the most efficient way to do it, but it works well for me on my laptop during my long commute into grad school. Best of luck to you with classes starting up again. My advice is to talk to your profs and tell them at least vaguely what’s going on with your health, so hopefully they will be more understanding if you need to ask for extensions or patience later in the term.

  2. your cat looks so so so much like my boyfriend’s cat, wiglaf. it’s uncanny. check out the photos on my blog, they were separated at birth!

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