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It came!

The yarn for the Modified Cobblestone yoke, that is:

It came!

I love how bright and happy that green is. It didn’t take long for me to start knitting the yoke:

The Yoke Grows

I love it. The decrease round doesn’t look quite so messy in real life as it does in that photo, I’m not sure what’s up with that. But I’m sure it’ll look even cleaner after it gets a bath once I’m done, anyway. The striping does make things a bit more complicated that it would be otherwise, though:

Inside of Yoke

Stripes + Shortrows = lots of ends on the shortrow rounds. I just couldn’t come up with a way around it. There are similar stacks of ends where the shortrows turn around on each side. I’ll just have lots of careful end-weaving to do when I’m done. Such is life. To keep things neat at the switch between knit rounds and purl rounds, I’ve been knitting/purling both colors together on the first stitch of each round. It makes that nice looking “seam” that you see above the stack of ends in the above picture. I did one less pair of shortrows, and have skipped the second decrease round (since I have a fair amount fewer stitches than called for in the pattern, and fairly broad shoulders for being such a petite person…I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants with these downsizing-type mods!). It shouldn’t take too much longer to finish up the knitting, and then I’ll be spending some quality time with my yarn needle.

In the meantime, look what’s getting its traditional pre-seaming bath:

Something's getting finished soon...

5 thoughts on “It came!”

  1. oh my gosh – those colors together are perfect!!!!!! i love it!

    Demi – I cannot wait to see this sewn up. I have it on my to knit list! What yarn did you use?

  2. Catching up on your posts – I love all the mods you are doing to cobblestone and the colors you chose! So very pretty and feminine. I can’t wait to see the sweater all seamed up post bath!

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