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Waiting Room Sock gets a whole lot of action; and a good mail day

So, in case anyone was wondering, this:

This is how much sock I can knit

is exactly how much sock I can knit during a 5 hour session of bloodwork: from cast on through a few rounds of gusset stitches. In yet another instance of “why didn’t someone tell me this ahead of time?” (I’ve been having lots of these relating to medical stuff lately), I arrived at the lab yesterday morning, after having fasted for 12 hours as directed, expecting to be done in about an hour. Nope. One of my tests required me to be there for 5 hours, and over the course of those five hours, they took some 20+ vials of blood and only let me consume a cup of some sort of sugary solution (they’re running a bunch of tests to see what I am and am not absorbing, nutrient-wise). I was quite a mess afterwards, as you might imagine…when you give blood, you’re required to be a fair amount heavier than I am, and they make sure you’re well-fed, whereas I’m underweight and was fasting. Fun! By which I mean, “not even the slightest bit fun”. And then just to top off my day of “fun”, I managed to slam my thumb in the very heavy bathroom door before I took off to walk (well, this would be better characterized as “shuffle”, given that I could barely stand up and only made it with the help of a friend who happened to walk by) to my office so that I could get a ride home. It was a pretty terrible day.

I’m very glad I had the yarn and needles to start the second of the Waiting Room Socks in my purse with me, or else I would have had nothing to do during the long periods between draws. I tried to make myself focus on the sock, instead of the clock (haha, I rhyme, aren’t I clever?), to make the time go by more quickly. I got lots of interested questions about the sock from other people who cycled through the waiting room while I was there, and even got to chat with a few other knitters who were in for tests of their own. This was nice, but didn’t really make up for the complete awfulness that was yesterday.

Today has done its best to make up for it, though. It has been quite a good day for me, mail-wise. I’ve been waiting eagerly for my copy of the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits to arrive ever since seeing the preview online, and today was the day!

Fall 2007 Interweave!

I’m really excited about a lot of the projects in this one. I definitely plan to knit the Tyrolean Stockings and the Tangled Yoke Cardigan (what can I say, I loves me some cables!), but I love a whole bunch of the other projects, too. But the Interweave was not the only exciting thing to arrive at my door today…I got my prize from the Tour de France Knitalong too!

Tour de France Knitalong Prize!

A sweet card, tissue paper in the polka-dot jersey colors (my category of choice), some cute red sock-shaped point-protectors, and a skein of Mountain Colors Weavers Wool Quarters in “Alpine” (edit: I just realized how clever this choice of yarn was on a whole other level:  I was entered in the “King of the Mountains” classification, and the Alps are one of the mountain ranges they went through on the Tour!). I literally giggled with glee when I opened it…the last time I was at the LYS, I saw a skein of this yarn, in this colorway, and almost picked it up, but decided I didn’t need to be spending any more money on yarn just then. It’s so perfect, though! It’s my favorite colors (dark blues, greens, teals, golds, and browns), working harmoniously together in the same skein:

Pretty pretty!

Debby, I think you must be psychic! Thanks so much for picking such a wonderful prize!

8 thoughts on “Waiting Room Sock gets a whole lot of action; and a good mail day”

  1. That sounds like an awful day, Whit (excellent mail though). I really wish there were something I could do to help. If you were closer, I would feed you yummy food, but it sounds like food isn’t really doing the trick for you anyway.

    I’m planning on doing the tangled yoke cardigan too–it’s so pretty!

  2. That Debby is a great personal prize picker isn’t she! I’m so glad your prize arrived at a time when you needed a bit of a pick-up!

  3. Very smart, taking the knitting along to the MDs. I hope your blood work comes back okay. And wow, you did have a good mail day!

  4. Why is it that tests that are supposed to be about health are conducted under inhumane conditions? I am so sorry to read about your horrible day and I hope that you get some answers soon.

    I’m so glad you like the Alpine yarn! I completely missed the connection between the name of the color and your category, but that makes it even better! I wanted to find something in colors you love, and it sounds like it couldn’t have arrived on a better day. ((hugs))

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