wishing I were home

I so rarely see my home state on the news, so when my husband (who is from Ohio) called me into the room last night saying, “come here, you have to see this, it’s from Minnesota!” I dashed in hoping for something good. I wasn’t expecting this. I recognized the images instantly as the I-35 bridge near the University and just stared at the screen, lump in my throat, feeling numb for awhile. I’m not from the Cities, but rather from a couple hours down the river, but I’ve spent plenty of time at the UofM for various athletic and orchestra-related activities and it was just unreal to see such a familiar bridge just gone like that, while I watched from my living room, an 18 hour drive away. Another friend of mine who lives out of state worked with me to get ahold of our friends who live in that area near campus, so I was at least able to go to bed knowing that my friends were safe and sound. But just thinking about what that must have been like, how terrifying it would be to be driving along only to go into a 30+ foot freefall…it’s so far outside the realm of “things I might possibly imagine happening while driving” that I don’t even know if I can imagine it, or that I want to. Just thinking about it makes me cry. And there’s still so many people missing…my heart just goes out to everyone involved.

I do have something knitting-related I wanted to post about, but I think I’ll just wait until tomorrow. Think good thoughts for Minnesota with me, please? And in case anyone wants to offer more than good thoughts, here is the link to the Twin Cities Chapter of the Red Cross.

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