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le Tour de Gansey: Stage Seven

Back again, with certifiably scandal-free coverage of le Tour de Gansey, part of the Tour de France Knitalong, presenting:

Stage Seven: The Sleeves

We begin this stage where we left of in Stage 6, picking up stitches around the opening left when we split the front and back of the body of the sweater. During this stage, we focus on two challenges simultaneously: “closing” the underarm gusset, and maintaining the stitch patterning on the sleeve, with a central cable that continues onward from the shoulder strap we knit in Stage 6. For the completion of the underarm gusset, we basically turn the original directions on their head, and do directional decreases on the insides of the purl “seams”, until we have created a diamond-shaped space of extra fabric under the arm:

Tour de Gansey, Stage Seven

The patterning on the arm mirrors the body patterning perfectly: the same motifs in the top half, with a garter-stitch definition ridge above the plain area of the bottom of the sleeve. The sleeve is completed with 4 rounds of ribbing. Here you can see all of these features: the cable that continues into the shoulder strap, the purl motifs from the body, the garter ridge, the plain area, and the ribbing:

Tour de Gansey, Stage Seven

Then we repeat everything over again for the second sleeve, and at the end of Stage Seven, we have this:

Tour de Gansey, Stage Seven

All that’s left is Stage Eight: Finishing the Neckline, plus a final stage, our own version of the romp ’round the Champs Élyéees, in which ends are woven and the finished gansey is given a bath to allow the yarn to bloom beautifully. And stay tuned…because there might be an extra surprise at the end, too!

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