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le Tour de Gansey: Stage Six

Before we get into more coverage of the Tour de Gansey, some actual Tour-talk: How awesome is Rasmussen? Amazingly awesome, yes indeed. I was getting so irritated the other day, listening to all of the commentators talking as though it were a given that he’d be losing the yellow jersey after the time trial, and I just knew he was going to prove them wrong! Way to go, Michael! And then today, he and Contador were just so impressive in the Pyrenees…it was so fun, watching the man in yellow and the man in white, reaching the top together ahead of the rest. I hope they both keep their jerseys the rest of the way…I’ve got a soft spot for climbers, I think. They just really impress me.

Ok, that’s enough Tour-talk, so let’s go back again to the coverage of le Tour de Gansey, part of the Tour de France knitalong, presenting:

Stage Six: Shoulder Straps and Joins

Having completed the body of the gansey, we move onto the next stage: creating the “shoulder extensions”, which connect the front and back of the gansey on each side of the neck, and continues down the center of each sleeve. We begin by casting on and knitting a row or two in a contrasting yarn (the orange-ish yarn that you see in the picture) before beginning to knit again in the gansey yarn. The contrast yarn will be picked out later, so that stitches can be picked up for the neck in the final stage. Through a very clever combination of slipped stitches and directional decreases, the stitches from the tops of the front and back pieces (which were being held on dpns at the end of the last stage) are joined to the sides of the shoulder strap as it is knit:

Tour de Gansey, Stage Six

Once all of the front and back stitches on one side of the neck are knit in with the strap, it’s time to repeat the process on the other side. After that, we’re ready to pick up stitches and start on Stage Seven: The Sleeves. Stay tuned for it sometime next week!

In other news, I’m still sick. I’m not absorbing fats properly, among other things, though what’s causing that is still unknown. I’m tireder than I even have words for. I’m still losing weight, and am now under 100 pounds (I’m 5’3 and have a pretty sturdy, athletic build, so I absolutely should not be this skinny…my big ribcage looks pretty scary now). I’ve been having a lot of pain. I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of having lost so much weight that I don’t have padding, or if there’s something more, but it is really, truly hard to cope when you’re so achy and tender that even getting a hug from your husband hurts. Hugs shouldn’t hurt. Thankfully, we have lots of friends here who are going to be helping us move, so I won’t have to do much of anything for that…which is good, because I honestly can’t do much of anything.

Thanks so much for the congrats on the house to everyone who has sent them. I’m very excited about this. When my husband finally got his job here in Rochester, we kept right on living as if we only had my grad stipend, with the hopes of saving up enough to improve our housing situation. When we saw this house, we knew we just had to go for it. I think we’re going to be very, very happy here.

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  1. Geez, Whitney, I’m so sorry to hear this about your health. I hope my last comment didn’t come off as totally insensitive–I didn’t mean it that way.

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