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le Tour de Gansey: Stage Five

We’re back with more coverage of le Tour de Gansey, part of the Tour de France Knitalong, with coverage of

Stage Five: The Underarm Gusset

While the actual Tour riders are suffering through a cold, wet time trial as I write this (those poor boys!), I’m toasty warm here at home, on a fairly easy stage. If you were paying attention during the last stage, you’d know that I actually already completed stage five as part of stage four, before the split between front and back occurred, because of the overlapping nature of the two stages, something not possible in the actual Tour. The underarm gussets are what allow there to be extra room for the arms to move in the finished gansey, and grow out of the two-stitch purl “seam”, established in the early stages, by performing an increase between the two purl stitches. Subsequent increases take place on the inside of each of the purl stitches, so that a stockinette area grows between the “walls” produced by the individual purl “seam” stitches. Here’s what it looks like:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 5

Along the way, a new (to me) technique is learned. Can you believe I’ve been knitting this long and didn’t know how to do directional increases? Directional decreases, sure, but I’d always just sort of done my increases however seemed right at the time. How sloppy of me! But look how nice the directional increases look in the gusset, slanting the right direction every time:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 5

One last picture before we end our coverage of this stage, a photo of the gansey-so-far standing upside-down, so that way the gusset grows out of the “seam” can be easily seen:

Tour de Gansey, Stage 5

And that’s all for today! I may try to knit a few stages at once, while I watch today’s time trial in the actual Tour, so that I can get several Tour posts prepared ahead of time, because next week: we move! (oops, that’s the secret happy news I’d meant to share with y’all awhile ago…we bought a house! A nice little house, not far from our apartment, with completely new interiors and room for a garden and just generally perfect for us. Exciting, no? But a wee bit stressful when one is already sickly). In any case, stay tuned for Stage Six!

3 thoughts on “le Tour de Gansey: Stage Five”

  1. Congratulations on the new house. It is fun having your own place that you can decorate and garden the way you want and not have any restrictions other than ones everyone in the neighborhood has. The weather here in Rochester is predicted to be warm and sunny again next week which should make the move a little easier (as if that were possible.)
    The gansey is coming along wonderfully.

    Hope your health improves. Maybe some of the mystery has to do with the environment at the apartment.

  2. You bought a house! Congratulations! I know it’s lousy being sick, but secretly, I’d say that if it gets you out of some of the moving work, your timing is excellent. I despise moving… :)

  3. Moving is not exciting, but buying a house is. Congratulations! And may it be the perfect little burrow for you for many years to come!

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