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Off the needles and onto my feet

Look what I finished today:

Giotto-With-The-Flow socks, finished.

The Giotto-With-The-Flow socks are now a complete pair! I’m utterly thrilled with them, too. So pretty! And the yarn feels fabulous on my feet. Before I show off some more pictures, here are the stats:

Pattern(s): Anna Bell’s “Giotto” socks (for cuff), Evelyn Clark’s “Go With the Flow” socks from the Summer 2005 IK (for rest)
Yarn: sKNITches Kettle-Drum semi-solid sock yarn in “Aegean”
Needles: size 1 Clover bamboo dpns
Mods: Well, obviously, I took the Giotto cuff and simply tacked on the Go With the Flow pattern in place of the main stitch pattern from Giotto, which I suppose constitutes a pretty big modification! I also stopped my gusset decreases at 64 stitches instead of 60, as directed in the pattern, since I have very wide feet.

I love love love these socks. I love how delicate and feminine they look. I love how the eyelets of the Giotto cuff look with the eyelets from the Go With The Flow pattern. I love that I was able to knit these without the pain that following the original Giotto pattern was causing! I love the yarn I knit them with, too. It feels fantastic on my feet. I’m slightly worried about how it will wear (the twist is not as firm as on other sock yarns I’ve used), but hopefully the nylon part of the wool/bamboo/nylon blend will keep it sturdy. It was great to knit with, and flowed through my fingers like silk (probably due to the bamboo content). The dye job on this yarn is absolutely wonderful, too. A gorgeous blend of blues and greens, which didn’t stripe or pool or anything like that.

And now more pictures! First, the obligatory “foot-to-different-sized-foot” shot:

Giotto-With-The-Flow socks, on my feet!

In the middle of my little “photo-shoot”, my cat Stimpy decided he needed to join in the fun. If you poke through my flickr stream, you’ll find a lot more pictures of him and my socks, but here’s my favorite, just because it’s funny (cats move fast!):

Stimpy becomes a blur

Here’s a close-up of the pretty pretty sock in my cute Target shoes:

Sock and Shoe

And one last picture, a close-up of the pretty Giotto cuff:

Closeup of Giotto cuff

These are my favoritest socks ever! Thanks to Jen for pointing out the Go With the Flow pattern when I was worried about the hurty Giotto pattern, and thanks to everyone else who’s given me compliments on these! Now onto all those other things I’ve got on the needles…

10 thoughts on “Off the needles and onto my feet”

  1. What a perfect combination – Your socks are beautiful! The cuff!!!- I love the cuff!
    I have never heard of the yarn, but am going to check it out right now….

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