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bad stuff, good stuff, and a giveaway

The Tour de France is having a rest day today, and so am I (though they’re doing hardcore training rides, while I’m sitting around being sick and miserable and not doing much of anything…I’ll just claim I’m trying to remain truer to the meaning of “rest” than they are!). My man Rasmussen won yesterday’s stage in impressive fashion, taking the yellow jersey in addition to the polka-dotted one! It was pretty darn exciting…I’ve always been impressed with him, how he’s so skinny and yet so, so powerful on the climbs…and he seems like a great guy in interviews, too, so I was definitely rooting for him. But that’s enough Tour-talk. No updates on le Tour de Gansey today, folks. They’ll come. Besides, there are fewer stages in my version of le Tour than in the actual Tour, so if I posted them every day I’d run out way before the end. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

So, onto other things. We’ll get the bad thing out of the way first: Do you know what I noticed yesterday, just as I was about to bind off the right front section of Tailored Scallops (the progress on which has been sadly neglected on the blog)? I’d been knitting it wrong all along. See how, in the book picture, there’s a column of garter stitch running up the inside edge of the cardigan, that turns into the folded collar?

This is what I was supposed to do.

See how that column of stitches is nowhere to be found in my own version, due to complete inattention on my part?

I messed up.

Yep, several hours of knitting, down the drain, capping off a day in which nothing seemed to go right (except for Rasmussen’s win, of course!), and in which I felt even worse than I’ve been feeling recently, which is saying a lot. It’s fine, I’ll rip it out, and I’ll be glad I fixed it, but still, when you’re feeling as awful as I am lately, little things like that just make you want to have a good cry. So I did. But I’m better now.

So onto the good things! Sock progress is being made, slowly but surely. The first of the “Waiting Room Socks” got finished, appropriately enough, in a waiting room the other day. So here’s that:

Waiting Room Sock #1, complete

(sorry for the yucky pictures, there’s no good lighting today since it’s quite rainy)

And Giotto With The Flow #2 is coming along quite nicely as well…I’ve just got to finish the gussets and knit the foot, which really shouldn’t take long:

Giotto-With-The-Flow #2, in progress

Also, I noticed when I was showing my husband the “blog stats” WordPress gives me that my last post was actually my 100th post. Ooops, I totally let that one slip by without making note of it…but it’s a little weird anyway, because when I started this blog, I ported over a few posts from an old journal I kept where I occasionally talked about knitting, so the post-count over here isn’t quite accurate anyway. I’d hoped to do some sort of contest to celebrate post #100, but I suppose I’ll have to save that for the official blogiversary (coming up at the end of August, judging by the date of my “hello world” post). We’ll see.

But, on the subject of contests/giveaway-type-things, how about I have non-contest giveaway anyway? See, I’ve been thinking about the Red Scarf Project. And how much I want to contribute another scarf or two because it’s a cause that just really resonates with me. And how I have enough yarn left over from last year for at least two more scarves (I used two skeins for last year’s, but it was just on the edge of being too short, so I think it’d be better to use three). But then I realize how much I already have on my plate, both knitting-wise and other-wise, and how sick and exhausted I still am, and I just don’t think it’s going to happen. So, here’s the non-contest: The first two people to comment and tell me that they promise, if I send them the yarn to do it, that they will knit it into a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, get 3 skeins each with which to do so (and probably a few little goodies, too, because I like people who knit Red Scarves). If I can’t knit them myself, I can at least provide the yarn, right?

Schoeller Esslinger Sascha

(come and get it!) (it’s all been claimed, thanks for taking up my slack, you two!)

Well, that’s all for now. Expect an update on le Tour de Gansey soon, and of course, another edition of “Nordic Wednesdays”.

8 thoughts on “bad stuff, good stuff, and a giveaway”

  1. I promise!!! I knit one earlier this year but it was too skinny, and I didn’t realize until about 3 feet into it *rolls eyes* I ‘ll use a pattern this time :) I’d love to participate this year! :)

  2. Oh no! Do you really have to rip back? It seems like it would look just as nice to just pick up those edge stitches after you sew the thing together and knit ribbing for the edge. Wouldn’t that work?

  3. Wow, it’s been a long day. I just commented to the wrong entry! :) I meant to comment this here:

    Hey, don’t feel bad about not catching the garter edge on the Tailored Scallops b/c I did the same thing to BOTH sides! Also, I’m using yarn that I’ve dyed myself, so naturally after re-knitting both fronts I notice that one side is slightly darker than the other! I had to dye another skein, and right now I’m knitting the right front for a 3rd time! :)

  4. What absolutely perfect timing! I decided recently, for several reasons, to take up knitting. I just finished a hat and I’m working on a scarf to match. I’d love to put my new hobby toward a good cause! I promise!! :)

  5. i was thinking the same thing as the first comment. perhaps you could pick up along the edge (granted with a ridiculously long needle, or do it in sections and graft) and do a garter edging vertically? i bet you can do something like that in stead of ripping out all of that beautiful progress!

  6. Hi there!

    Very nice blog, loved it! Actually my husband and I tried to take some knitting classes a few moths ago but we were too slow :-P
    Still,cycling and the Tour is something I’d never give up and it seems that you are a pretty passionate fan too!
    I thought you might want to check out our site, see what other fans think of this year’s Tour…and why not, also express your views or become an author!,12
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:
    Happy knitting and Allez Rasmussen!

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