socks, summer of socks 2007


Thanks to a clever suggestion from Jen, I’m able to keep knitting on my pretty Giotto socks. How? By replacing the stitch pattern that was causing me so much pain with the one from the “Go With The Flow” sock pattern in the Summer 2005 IK. Hence their new name, “Giotto-With-The-Flow”. Isn’t it pretty?


I think the stitch pattern looks just right with the original Giotto cuff. I absolutely love how these are turning out…they’re just the sort of delicate, feminine sock I was hoping for out of this yarn. A perfect antidote to the harder, more armor-like look (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) of the Dragon socks, no?

Just a short post from me today, as we’re leaving in a bit to visit my husband’s family in Columbus, OH. I’ll be bringing my laptop, but make no promises as to how much time I’ll actually spend online. I’m hoping we’ll be able to make it to the zoo, since that is my absolute favorite thing from my college years in Columbus…I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can find the energy to wander around that giant zoo and see all of the new exhibits they put in just weeks after we moved away last year. Until next time, I leave y’all with my favorite picture from our last zoo visit:

Orangutan!  (or, the librarian)

(It’s the Librarian! Oook!)

8 thoughts on “Giotto-With-The-Flow”

  1. Great photo! And I love your Giotto with the flow socks. I have a similar color of sock yarn, so I’ll just pretend that it is me knitting such pretty socks. ;)

  2. Finally ran into your blog… I love all the socks of yours I’ve seen on Flickr, but these! These! What a great idea. Love them. And love the revamped name… pardon me for feeling the need to copy you, but I just might! :)

  3. Have a great time in Columbis and say hi to the city for me. I hope that your health lets you enjoy!

  4. I cant tell you how big I smiled when I saw your Librarian picture. I just was talking about him to a friend and getting the oddest looks! Those socks look so pretty and the colour is gorgeous too. What are you using?

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