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On Socks and the Summer Solstice

Such a handsome kitty

(Today’s Eye Candy: a picture of our cat, Ren, enjoying the sunlight on the porch)

So, it is the first day of Summer today. Happy Solstice, everyone! This means that my husband and I have now been married for 9 seasons (since we got married on the Spring Equinox in 2005). We like to have a little celebration at every turn of the seasons, because, well, why not? The more celebrations, the better! A very happy pseudo-anniversary to my beloved!

It being the first day of Summer also means that Summer of Socks 2007 has officially begun! If you’ve been following along, you know that I already have two socks on the needles: my Waiting Room Socks and my Golden Dragon Socks. I’ll continue working on both of those socks as the summer progresses, but in this post, I want to write about some socks-to-be. I’ve amassed a decent-sized stash of sock yarns, and have my eye on a few patterns to go with them. Whether or not I knit all of these in the summer remains to be seen; I’m guessing I won’t even come close, seeing as I have other projects that I’m working on, and not a whole lot of energy, but we’ll just see.

So, what socks am I thinking about for the yarns in my stash? We’ll start with the ones involving stranded colorwork, since that will be a new technique for me in terms of socks. There’s the Norwegian Stockings that it seems like half of blogland knit a year or two ago, which I plan to knit (like so many others did) in Dale Baby Ull. Then there’s the Laila’s Socks, which I plan to knit in some lovely Lorna’s Laces. And then there’s Tiit’s Socks, which I plan to knit in a solid blue with rainbow patterning, a la Saartje.

Next up, the patterned socks in solid (or semi-solid) yarn. My Golden Dragons are my first socks of this nature; everything I’ve knit so far has been fairly plain stockinette-ish socks, with variegated or self-striping yarns. But I’ve been very drawn towards patterns that are better suited for solid yarns lately, and have acquired a few skeins to try them out. There are the Child’s First Socks from “Knitting Vintage Socks”, which I hope to knit from the absolutely lovely yarn I got in the mail today. Then there are Anna Bell’s Giotto socks, which I plan to knit in my lovely blue-green sKNITches sock yarn (hmm, do you think I might’ve been influenced a bit in these first two choices by this beautiful pair of socks?). And finally (for now!) there are the gorgeous Twisted Flower Socks, which I will be knitting from my Loden-colored Cherry Tree Hill yarn.

And what of the variegated yarns? They’ll get their time, too. After seeing Cara’s fabulous Mini-Monkeys, I just know I’ve got to turn the skein of Socks that Rock in “Dutch Canyon” that I’ve had sitting around for well over a year now into a pair of those (with the magical picot-edge, of course!). And then I have a couple pairs of skeins of multicolored Lorna’s Laces that I plan to use to try out the directions in the most recent Interweave for toe-up socks, two skeins of Fleece Artist Merino that I have no idea what I’ll do with, and a couple skeins of Sundara yarn in variegated greens that I also have no idea what I’ll do with (yeah, I got tired of linking and thinking, and gave up!).

Well, that covers what’s in my stash. There are plenty of other socks out there that I hope to knit someday, but this list should keep me busy for quite awhile. As for my other projects, for those keeping score: I’ve finished the back and most of one of the front pieces for Tailored Scallops, but have not gotten around to putting the finished pieces of Demi together yet. It might be awhile, as it’s hard to find the energy or the space to block all those pieces. I figure it hardly matters, since it won’t be cold enough to wear it for several months! I’ve also been knitting along on the Chevron Scarf, which is at about two feet in length right now. Everything else, project-wise, has been pretty well stalled. So, that’s that on the knitting front. The health-front is still a mess (believe me, you do NOT want to know what I’m having to do right now). I do have some exciting non-knitting, non- health-related news to share, but I’m keeping it off the blog for now. Oh, I know, I’m so cruel! I promise I’ll spill the beans soon, though, so stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “On Socks and the Summer Solstice”

  1. I love pictures of Ren and Stimpy! They are such contented looking boys. Glad to see you are well enough to post, you haven’t been cheering and jeering this week.

  2. The dragon socks are awesome. I am glad that you are well enough to knit and post. I am keeping youin my thought.

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