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For Dad

100% Angora Fingering-weight Yarn

I’m trying to get this post written quickly, because in a couple of hours I will begin preparations for this procedure, which I’m scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Oh, my life is so full of medical adventure right now. In any case, I highly doubt I will feel up to doing much of anything, much less writing a coherent blog post, after about noon today. On the off-chance that I don’t even feel up to making a phone call home, this post is for my dad.

So, what does that ball of fluffiness at the top of this post have to do with my dad? Well, it’s the first step in my mission to create some very fabulous mittens for him. Remember this post? I’ve decided the best Escher-esque thing I could make for him is a pair of mittens. For the pattern, I’m planning to chart up my own tesselation-style print, and to use black yarn for one color and variegated yarn for the other, to get that shaded sort of effect that I love so much about a lot of Escher prints.

That fuzz-ball up top? It’s 100% angora fingering-weight yarn, which I intend to use to line said mittens. Part inside-joke, and part very practical lining for a guy who lives up in Minnesota! You see, the last time I was up visiting, I was talking to my dad about all of the crazy things they can make yarn from these days (corn! bamboo! yak!), and the rest of the trip, any time we went out, he’d ask “could you make yarn from that?” about something we saw. It was a lot of fun. He was particularly impressed when I told him about Angora, and how it came from bunnies, and how it was many times warmer than wool, and oh-so-soft, too. While we were out at Target getting his watch fixed, I found a bunch of angora accessories (I picked up a set of gloves for cheap), but they were all so very girly. So I decided I wanted to make him something with angora, but where the fuzzy warm goodness was hidden on the inside. Lined mittens seemed like the perfect choice. So I’m starting to chart and plan, and am thinking about what yarns would be a good choice for the outer mitten. I’m definitely open to suggestions for yarns that would play well together in an Escher-esque print.

Anyway, it will probably be quite awhile before these mittens are actually knit (seeing as I only have the yarn to line them, but not to knit the mittens themselves yet!). But given that it’s currently steamy hot up there in June, I don’t think that’ll be such a problem. For now, I just want to wish my dad a very happy Father’s Day. Thanks, dad, for introducing me to programming, and computers, and math, and logic, and all that good stuff that I’m still excited about to this day. Thanks for encouraging me not to get scared off from the things I wanted to do just because it was mostly boys who did those things. I was going to post the picture from when dad and I ran the Boston Marathon together a few years ago, but I don’t like to post people’s pictures without permission, so I won’t. In any case, that was such a great thing to be able to do. I wonder how many other father-daughter pairs have run Boston together? Well, I’ll stop rambling here, but I hope you have a fabulous day, dad. I love you!

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