demi, mr kidney

oh, so close!

Slowly but surely, I’m working towards turning a few of these “works in progress” into actual finished pieces. I’m oh-so-close to finishing Demi, just a couple of centimeters away from starting the shoulder shaping on the sleeves:

So close!

Then there’s just blocking, seaming, and doing the bit of finishing around the neck/shoulder area. I’m thinking of recruiting my husband to help me block the front and back either tonight or tomorrow, because we currently lack a flat surface large enough to block all four pieces of this sweater, were I to wait until the sleeves were done. I just don’t have the energy to deal with washing and pinning sweater pieces on my own right now.

There’s another project that’s nearing completion, too, but it’s one I’ve not shown here. The other day, I was trying to organize the knitting patterns I currently have stored on my computer, and came across Ysolda’s “Stuffie” pattern (there’s a link to the free .pdf on her “patterns” page). I decided that I had just the yarn for it, and set off to make myself a little snuggly buddy to keep me company while I wait to find out what is really going on with my kidney. So, meet Mr. Kidney:

Mr. Kidney needs a face

He’s made from Berroco Plush (which, I must say, is sort of a pain to knit with, but results in such a super soft cuddly fabric that I can almost forgive it!). Obviously, he still needs a face. I haven’t decided exactly how I want to go about giving him one (any suggestions?), so for now my snuggly little friend is faceless. But he’s still soft and fuzzy! I like stuffed animals a whole lot. Especially slightly weird or “ugly” ones (like these “Ugly Dolls” that I came across while doing a bit of blog-hopping the other day). Sometimes I feel a little silly about this, seeing as I am a grownup now and all, but it’s very nice to have a soft little thing to cuddle when things aren’t going so well. Like, say, right now, when I’m stuck at home, very sick, barely feeling up to even standing, waiting to find out what is going on inside my kidney, getting nervous about my upcoming CAT scan (think happy non-claustrophobic thoughts for me Thursday afternoon!), and just generally feeling not-so-good about things. It’s so hard to keep the spirits up, but I’m trying, with the help of laptops, the internet, some good books, and of course, knitting.

2 thoughts on “oh, so close!”

  1. Mr. Kidney is quite a cutie. I’d guess that with all his texture, he won’t take well to a ton of embellishment, face-wise, so I’d try simple button eyes and maybe a little embroidered nose.

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