Two that fell off the vine

That picture? Just some Project Spectrum-inspired Eye Candy, a couple of the yummy organic tomatoes that are going to be part of our homemade pizza this evening. But I figured I just couldn’t post without a picture to share!

The thing I love the most about the “online knitting community” (my brother likes to tease me about that phrase, and cracks up into giggling fits when ever I talk about my online knitting buddies. I guess the concept of all us craftsters chatting over the internet is just too funny for him!) is that whenever I’m feeling a little down in the dumps (as I’ve definitely been feeling pretty often lately, with all of these health problems), I can click through my bloglines, check out y’all’s blogs, and find some of the most inspiring stuff. Sometimes it’s a bit of a curse, because I wind up seeing so many things I want to make, do, or buy, and there are only so many hours in a day, and so many dollars in the bank. But on the whole, I think it’s pretty darn awesome. I’m having a blast playing around with Ravelry (which is fantastic…a HUGE thank-you to the creators!), finding new projects, reading what other people have to say about projects I’m interested in, seeing what kinds of yarn people are using…it’s great.

Right now I have approximately eighty bajillion tabs open in Firefox, all filled with things I want to make, try, or am simply inspired by. For the sake of clearing out those tabs, I’m going to save all of those links for posterity here in this post:

First, there’s this gorgeous finished Venezia over at Garn Boet. I absolutely love the v-neck modification, and when the time comes for me to knit my own version of this sweater (and oh, I will, someday), I think I will follow her lead, as that neckline is far more flattering on me than a boatneck.

Next, there’s yarn dyeing. I’ve been thinking a lot about how fun it would be to dye up some of my own yarn, or maybe even invite some friends over for a yarn-dyeing party. I’ve found this tutorial for dyeing yarn with easter egg dyes, but am also very curious to try out dyeing with acid dyes, like with this kit from Hello Yarn. As for what yarns I might use to start this endeavor, there’s of course the undyed yarns at Hello Yarn, the Bare line over at Knitpicks, as well as the Henry’s Attic yarns on discount at Spritely Goods.

Then we have the knitting tutorials, ones that I know I’ll want to use one of these days. There’s Grumperina’s Cabling without a cable needle tutorial, the tubular cast-on tutorial over at My Fashionable Life, and, for good measure, Jody’s tubular bind-off tutorial, not to mention Eunny’s series on steeking, all of which should come in quite handy to me for various projects in the near future.

Then there’s crochet. Even though I know that I almost always prefer the look of a knitted garment to one that is crochet, there are plenty of things for which crochet is as much or more appropriate than knitting, and I want to add this skill to my crafty repertoire. To that end, I’ve recently gotten my hands on a few of Interweave’s Crochet magazines. I’ve also come across a few crochet tutorials online, like the lessons over on Crafty Daisy, and the Purl Bee, which I’m sure will be very useful when I start to pick up the hook.

In addition to crochet, there’s quilting. Now, I’ve already mentioned here that I’ve forgotten just about everything there is to know about sewing, both by machine and by hand, so I’ve got a lot to learn before I can start trying to make a quilt. But I love quilts. Absolutely love them. And I keep seeing the most inspiring quilts popping up all over blogland. There’s this gorgeous strip-quilt, with a tutorial over on happythings, there’s this “scrappy cartwheel” quilt over at greetingarts, the “Confetti” quilt over at lady havartine (if you haven’t noticed already, I especially love quilts with bright colors against a white background), and adorable “doll quilts” at soto softies and wee wonderfuls, among other places. And to throw in yet another sewing project, albeit not a quilt, here’s a nice double-pointed needle case tutorial over at kathrynivy.

Well, that’s quite enough links for now, I’d say. I think it’s time for lunch. Thanks to all y’all for continually inspiring me in all things, crafty and otherwise.

3 thoughts on “inspirations”

  1. That is some kind of list, lady! And I’ve got to say that I, too, am mostly getting drooly over the idea of homemade pizza for dinner. Yum!

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