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and on to black and red

When I first saw the colors listed in the Project Spectrum for June and July, my only thought was “yuck!”. First there’s the issue with metallics that I talked about in my last post (but of course, even if I can’t create anything with them, that can’t stop me from appreciating the metallic things I see in my environment). And then, well, black and red. Those are so NOT “me” colors in any sense. As an extremely pale strawberry-blond, black can (and almost always does) look really harsh on me. Especially with my naturally very-red lips (I almost got in trouble once in kindergarten because one of the girls in my class had brought in forbidden lipstick, and the teacher was convinced I’d tried it out too!), it’s very easy for me to look a bit too “goth-waif”-ish when I wear black. I gravitate towards dark chocolate browns, and dark blues, greens, and purples when I need to dress up. And then as far as red is concerned, well, have y’all seen red on someone with my coloring? What little color I have is on the pink-ish side, and red just brings it out in the worse, blotchiest way. I look hideous in red. So I figured there was no way I’d be creating anything for me that fit with Project Spectrum during this two month period.

But oh, I was wrong. Because, you see, there is this sweater:


This is Ingeborg. Is that not one of the most beautiful sweaters you’ve ever seen? I fell in love with it awhile ago, when I was following along as Rebekkah knit her lovely version. I already have a cone each of Naturespun Sport in black and cream, but still need to acquire a couple of skeins of red before I’ll be ready to start. Yes, I’m knitting it with black and red, after everything I just said in the beginning of this post. I can’t help it, I love the traditional look. When I get around to ordering those couple of red skeins, I may very well go ahead and get the necessary skeins of Naturespun to make these mittens, and these ones, too. I just feel a little silly putting in an order for a whopping two skeins, and Naturespun is so very affordable, and I’ve been meaning to get the materials to make those mittens for quite awhile now. So anyway, it may be a little while before y’all see the beginnings of Ingeborg, but it’s definitely on the docket. And so are those mittens!

In the middle of writing this post, I went outside to check the mail (barefoot, phoneless, and without keys, mind you, since why should I need those for fetching the mail that’s just beyond our front door?), since it was raining and I didn’t want the contents of our mailbox getting soaked. I wound up being stuck outside for quite a long time, because our front door jammed, and I had no way of getting ahold of anyone to help me get in, nor any keys to try on the back door. I finally managed to get in after about 20 minutes of tugging and a fair amount of tears, though, and to my pleasant surprise, I had a Ravelry invite waiting for me in my inbox. So I’ve been filling in my profile and projects and the like to try to settle myself down after that horribly scary experience of being locked out of the apartment in the rain while sick. If you’re already on Ravely, please say hi! Holy crap, though, is that site going to be one huge time-suck. It’s just the perfect thing for an OCD knitter like me.

I also had a happy surprise in the mail. I got my first issue from my new subscription to CRAFT. I had just commented over on chrysanthemum about having completely forgotten how to operate a sewing machine, and what do I find inside my new CRAFT? A whole section explaining the ins and outs of sewing machines! So, y’all might be seeing some sewing projects on this blog sooner or later, too. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’ll close with a picture of my favorite red/metallic item:

My favorite red/metallic item

Mmmm, dark chocolate.

3 thoughts on “and on to black and red”

  1. I think Ingeborg is one of the prettiest sweaters ever! I have loved it since the pattern first appeared and can’t wait to watch you knit this one!
    I’m going to knit it someday…..

  2. Sew, sew, sew! It’s fun!

    I might need to check out that issue of Craft becuase my machine and I are kind of flying blind on anything other than the incredibly obvious. I bought it second-hand and there’s no manual, and heck if I can figure out how to do anything fancy with it. Maybe it doesn’t do fancy, but how to know?

  3. That sweater is gorgeous, you must knit it! Thank you for cluing us in about the article in Craft too, I lost my manual and have some questions…

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