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me and metallics

I made a very difficult decision yesterday. I’d been putting it off because I didn’t want to think about it, but I finally decided that going to the “Linguistics Summer Camp” that I’ve been looking forward to all year is just not going to be possible given my health. So I’m withdrawing, as sad as that makes me. The odds of me feeling well enough 4 weeks from now to be able to handle a month’s worth of very full days, while living in a dorm all the way across the country, are essentially nil. I’m so very disappointed that I can’t even express it right now, but c’est la vie. To take my mind off feeling sad about this, how about a Project-Spectrum post?

I’m going to ignore the other two colors in the new triad for this post, but trust me, I do have something up my sleeve for them, you’ll see. For now, I want to talk about me and metallics. You see, metallics and I have a very strained relationship. I am severely allergic to nickel, and nickel gets put in almost everything, even things you wouldn’t expect. We discovered this when I was a baby, when I apparently would get little welts down my chest and tummy, lining up with the metal snaps on my baby outfits. I’ve never grown out of it. I have to get special watch-bands that cover the metallic backside of my watches, so that I don’t get oozing, bleeding welts on my wrist. I have to sew cloth over the snaps and buttons on my pants so that I don’t get oozing welts on my belly. I have to rig up covers for the chinrest-grips on my violin, so that I don’t get oozing welts on my neck (but they now make “hypoallergenic” chinrests for people like me, and at some point I may invest in one). I have to wear plastic glasses, so that I don’t get oozing welts on my cheeks. I can’t knit with those fancy nickel-plated needles (I tried once, and wound up with oozing welts on my hands that wouldn’t go away for weeks). I’m so used to it now that it doesn’t really bother me that much. I’m used to not wearing much jewelry and such. The only metallic item that I ever wear against my skin is this:

The only metallic item I ever wear

My wedding ring. It’s made from titanium, a “bio-safe” metal (it’s what they put inside you, when you have to get plates and screws and such). It is 100% titanium, so it contains absolutely no nickel. I love it. I think the color is the most beautiful thing…I never have been a big fan of gold as far as jewelry is concerned, but this dark silver color is just perfect, in my book.

But yeah, other than my beautiful ring, metals and I are not good friends. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous, seeing some of the cool projects people are making by knitting or crocheting with wire, but I don’t really want to risk it, even if I could find something that was reasonably bendable that claimed to be “nickel-free”. Even some metals that claim to have no nickel have enough to irritate me, and it’s just not worth giving myself horrible welts to try it out. So I will have to enjoy the metallics part of this Project Spectrum triad vicariously. Except for this:


Yeah, it’s not actually metal. But doesn’t it just shine like the real thing? This is the Socks That Rock Mediumweight in “24-karat” that you’ve probably seen here before. I’m turning it into a beautiful pair of dragon-socks, which I’ve also posted before:

Golden Dragon Sock

Except that I’ve ripped this one out. No worries, there will still be Golden Dragon Socks…I’ve just decided that I don’t particularly like the way the cast-on edge likes to roll, and after reading Cara’s post about the magical powers of the picot-edge, I had an idea. Wouldn’t these look fabulous with a picot-edge? Like the ridge of scales running down the dragon’s tail, or little dragon teeth! I think it would be fantastic. So, as soon as I feel up to it, I’m going to cast-on again, but this time, there will be picots. I can’t wait!

Coming up next, a post about the other two colors for June-July. Oh, and also, the Stash Sale is still on, if anyone is interested.

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