Stash Sale!

As promised, I’m selling off a little bit of my stash, in hopes of raising a little money to pay off my silly kitty Stimpy’s hospital bill. What I’m hoping to sell is listed below, and the prices include shipping (because it’s just easier on everyone that way, I think), but if you aren’t in the US, I’ll have to tack on a extra few dollars to cover the added expense of shipping out-of-country. I tried my best to figure out a fair price for everything, and I’m certainly not hoping to make a profit or anything, just to turn some not-so-useful (to me, currently) yarn into more useful dollars for to help with this expense, so if any of the prices seem wildly unfair, do let me know and I will try to adjust. If you’re interested in something, send me an email, and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice as long as no one else has claimed it already. I’ll update this page as soon as I can if any of the yarn is claimed so that you don’t wind up requesting something that’s not actually available.

Ok, here goes:

SWTC Optimum DK in Desert

South West Trading Company Optimum DK: (Yarndex entry)
6 skeins in color “Desert”, 154yds. each.
Price: $48

GGH Java in a nice Kelly Green (#64)

GGH Java: (Yarndex entry)
10 skeins in “Green” (color #64), 99yds. each.
Price: $35


Himalya Yarn's Recycled Silk

Himalaya Yarn’s Recycled Silk: (Yarndex entry)
1 skein, multicolor (mostly reds), approx. 100 yards.
Price: $15

Rowan Cork in color Mouse

Rowan Cork: (Yarndex entry)
10 skeins in color “Mouse”, 120yds. each.
Price: $40


Katia Jamaica in color 4003

Katia Jamaica: (Yarndex entry)
3 skeins in color #4003, 219yds. each.
Price: $22

Colinette Chrysalis in Lapis

Colinette Chrysalis: (Yarndex entry)
1 skein in “Lapis”, 91yds.
Price: $22

Berroco X-Press in dark navy blue

Berroco Xpress: (no Yarndex entry that I could find)
12 skeins (some reballed, but all yardage is there) in “Cyberspace Blue”, 42yds. each.
Price: $35

SWTC Bamboo yarn, in

South West Trading Company Bamboo: (Yarndex entry)
2 skeins in “Intensity”, 1 skein in “Parrot”, 250yds. each.
Price: $28


Thanks for looking!

1 thought on “Stash Sale!”

  1. Good luck with the sale – and best wishes for your cat’s recovery. And my sympathies for needing to go through your stash – that can’t have been easy.

    I’m very tempted by the Rowan Cork, but with postage to New Zealand and our exchange rate, I’m not sure I can justify it, unfortunately.

    If I get a big enough pay cheque and it hasn’t been snapped up, I will be in touch though! Do you have a time limit, or just till it is all gone?

    All the best
    Jude from NZ

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