it just keeps piling on

We had yet another health scare last night, but this time it wasn’t related to me. Nope, my poor little snugglemuffin had to go to the kitty ER and spend the night there, because, being the silly kitty that he is, he managed to unzip my backpack, steal a bunch of rubberbands, and eat them, and this was (obviously!) making him very sick. I’m so glad he’s going to be ok (I was terrified for awhile, before we knew what was making him sick, that he might have eaten some sort of tainted food, which isn’t too crazy of a thought given recent events). But…we’re out quite a lot of money because of this. Right at a time when we are trying to save like crazy in hopes of improving our housing situation. Talk about bad timing.

Something I’ve been thinking of doing for awhile now, and which seems to make even more sense given recent events, is selling off some of my yarn. Now, I don’t have the biggest stash you’ve ever seen (though it’s not all that tiny, either!), but even with what I do have, there is no way I will get around to knitting all of it up in the next several years, because I’m not a super-speedy project finisher and I do have a reasonably busy life outside of knitting. And as much as I like basically everything in my stash (I don’t buy yarn on impulse, so almost all of it does have an intended purpose), I don’t really see the point in moving it with us if there’s almost no chance of knitting it up in the near future…by the time I am able to do so, I might not even want to knit whatever I hoped to in the first place! So, with that said, I’m planning on having a Stash Sale, selling off the things I don’t forsee knitting up in the next couple of years, with proceeds going towards paying off Stimpy’s medical bill. I’ll be posting later today with a list of yarns I hope to send to better homes, once I figure out all the details. I know I don’t have the world’s most widely-read blog, so if any of y’all who do read my little blog want to link to my little stash sale once it’s posted and spread the word, I would appreciate that very much. In the meantime, think happy healing thoughts for my precious little snugglemuffin:

Stimpy on my lap

(Hi! I’m Stimpy, and I’m very snuggly, but also very stupid!)

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