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knitting through the pain

So, I have finally gotten an answer relating to at least part of the health problems I’ve been dealing with for months now. After doing an ultrasound of my entire abdomen (because one of the primary things going on has been abdominal pain, in addition to: fatigue, weakness, fever, anemia, nausea, weight loss, and other digestive issues…doesn’t that sound like FUN?), they discovered that I have a mighty large kidney stone. Like, LARGE. How on earth I acquired this thing is still a mystery, because nothing in my diet nor water intake or anything like that would lead to any risk of kidney problems, and I’ve still got a bunch of tests to undergo to figure out if/how this relates to the other problems I’ve been having. But, at least I know why my right side has been HURTING like crazy for quite awhile now. Of course, the health system here being what it is, I have to wait over 2 weeks for an appointment with the people who might help get this big old stone out of me. So, in a mostly unsuccessful attempt to ignore the pain and nausea, I’ve been knitting as much as my exhausted, weakened self can manage. And seeing as how this is a knitting blog, how about I shut up about the health stuff and move on to lots and lots of pretty knitting pictures? Yes, that sounds good.

First up, I finally managed to walk downtown to the yarn shop. The other day, we had some men come to fix our gutters, and they were so loud that I decided that despite not exactly feeling up to it, I’d take that opportunity to get away from the noise and walk to go pet yarn. I picked up the needles I needed, as well as a yellow skein of yarn to knit another square for a Secret Project:

Yellow Square

Yep, just like the earlier green square, I stole the stitch pattern from Demi. I’m getting really fast with knitting these! I also picked up a couple more goodies:

Goodies from my LYS trip

I saw this pair of orphaned skeins of Reynold’s Whiskey in the discount bin, and thought they would make a perfect pairing for a set of mittens (Anemoi, perhaps?). And I’ve been hoping to find a nice set of wooden buttons for Demi, and these ones from Peace Fleece seemed like they would fit the bill very nicely.

Speaking of Demi, as promised, I did in fact finish the front. The pattern, by the way, seems like a whole lot of nonsense, and I hope I followed it correctly, and that this business with knitting a separate little chunk for the left shoulder makes sense when it comes time to sew it all together:

Front of Demi, completed!

And, just for good measure, here’s a shot of the front and back together:

Demi, back and front

But oh, that’s not all I’ve been knitting! I’ve also got two feather-and-fan projects in the works. I’ve almost finished the back of Tailored Scallops, but am going to have to ball up a new pair of skeins just to finish up the last couple repeats at the shoulders:

Back of Tailored Scallops, almost completed

It looks slightly blobby in that picture, so here’s a nice closeup of the pretty patterning:

Closeup of feather-and-fan on Tailored Scallops

And finally, there’s the ubiquitous Chevron Scarf. I started it the day I got the needles:

Chevron Scarf begins

And I’ve already completed several inches:

Chevron Scarf keeps growing

I love the way the colors are coming out like I spilled a rainbow on my scarf or something! Just because I can, here are a couple more “artsy-fartsy” shots of the Chevron-in-Progress:

Artsy-fartsy closeup shot

(Huge Closeup!)

Cascading Chevron Scarf

(Cascading Chevrons!)

Wow, that was a long post. I think I need to take a nap. I hope y’all enjoy the pictures! Happy knitting, everyone!

2 thoughts on “knitting through the pain”

  1. Yikes on the kidney stone–hope the doctors can figure out a perfectly painless way of getting it out of there. Lots of lovely knitting though!

  2. I love the pink sweater pattern…how hard was it to finish? What is the pattern – (tell me, tell me, where did ya get it?).
    It’s lovely.

    I am hoping by now you have fully recovered from the kidney stone and that you are back in full health and spirits.


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