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back to the pinks and greens

First off, thank you to everyone who has sent good wishes with respect to my health. I won’t find out anything more until at least tomorrow (I had a bunch of tests last week), so for now I’m just sort of laying low, trying to get a few useful things done each day. Yesterday my husband went into work all day (he took a day off earlier in the week while my brother visited, and needed to make up the time), so I spent my time at home doing dishes and cleaning up the little room upstairs where I work when I don’t go into campus. I wish I had a “before” and “after” picture to show y’all. It was pretty atrocious, with piles and piles of things all over every flat surface, but now it is neat and organized. Hooray!

Whilst cleaning up the office, I decided to try to document my sort of frighteningly large stash of yarn that has built up in the 10+ years I’ve been knitting, which lives in a couple of plastic tubs in the office, and a couple of under-the-bed boxes in the bedroom. I’ve seen several other knitters doing this lately, I think because of Ravelry, which I’ve signed up to be a beta tester for. I know the list is super long so I don’t expect to hear anything soon, but it seems like just the place for my organizational-freak self. So if I do get an invite, well, I’m already one step ahead on the stash documentation!

But anyway, enough cleaning and organizational crap. Back to the topic I promised in my subject-line: Pinks and Greens! Yes, I really am participating in Project Spectrum, even if you wouldn’t guess it from the colors of the things I’ve been showing my progress on lately. I mentioned having started a plain stockinette sock in my previous post, and I now have a photo:

Another Stripey Sock

About a year ago, I was knitting this sock’s cousin, the green-blue-grey striped sock that appears in this blog’s header photo, in order to relieve stress during the insanely busy and stressful period of time during which my hard drive died in such a way as to make my data completely unrecoverable while at the same time I was finishing up my Masters and taking important exams and the like. This time around, the stripey sock is absorbing the stress relating to all these doctor’s visits (it makes for nice waiting-room knitting, too). It would seem like these would be boring, because they’re just plain stockinette, but there’s something very addictive about watching the stripes form. I’m actually further along on the sock than the picture shows…about ready to start the heel-flap. I think I will call these socks my “Watermelon” socks, since that’s what the colors make me think of.

Because I am a very silly person, and I totally fail at project monogamy, I started something new (yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll never finish anything at this rate!). I wanted to knit something green for me during this two-month PS triad, seeing as green is my favorite color and all. So a little while ago I managed to get my hands on a copy of Lace Style, and realized that I had the perfect yarn with which to knit the cover sweater. Remember that Rowanspun DK I complained about awhile ago? I actually had a full bag of it in green as well as the half-bag in grey, but I held on to the green in the hopes that holding it double would make me like it more. And sure enough, it does, and it gets me just the right gauge for Tailored Scallops:

Beginning of Lacy Scallops Jacket

As with the sock, I’m actually much further than the picture shows (over twice as far, actually)…the feather-and-fan stitch is so simple and addictive! Hopefully it will remain entertaining for me when I start my Chevron Scarf (if I ever acquire the necessary needles, that is).

Well, that’s all for now.  I expect to finish the front of Demi in short order, and will of course show pictures when I do.  Other than that, we’ll just have to see what comes up next, since I am apparently very fickle in my commitment to various projects!

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