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I have been knitting (and I have proof!)

First, as promised in my previous post, photographic evidence of the completion of Not-So-Aprikot’s fronts:

Fronts of Not-so-Aprikot

I put the remaining live stitches on scrap yarn instead of binding off, so that I can extend/shorten the bits that wrap around the neck as needed, and so that I can kitchener them together for a nice clean seam. Finishing up these fronts freed up my needles for another task:

Green Squares

Squares. For a secret project. I’m sure y’all recognize the cable pattern on the one on the left…I stole it from Demi! Speaking of which, I did in fact give Demi some love this weekend, and knit all of this (well, the part that’s on top…the back was knit quite awhile ago at this point!) on Saturday:

front of Demi begins!

It’s actually even further along now than it was in that picture, because I knit on it a bit more last night (it’s at a little past one full repeat of the center pattern, now). It’s such an addictive pattern, with those lovely twisted stitches and cables and bobbles.

I’m not sure how much knitting I will be able to muster up in the next week or so. It’s the end of the semester here, and while I don’t have quite as many exams as some of my classmates, I do have papers to write, and the busy meeting/research schedule never stops, anyway. So the knitting (and thus the posting) might be a bit thin between now and the 9th (when my last paper is due). Of course, if I feel the need to procrastinate and distract myself, all bets are off…but I’m hoping I can be reasonably well-focused for the next week.

1 thought on “I have been knitting (and I have proof!)”

  1. You Aprikot Jacke is looking wonderful. Ohhh…and I have to get my hands on some of the fisherman’s wool. I have wanted something that color and the yardage can’t be beat.

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