Headed off to San Diego

Hmm. I’ve not posted in a while. This would probably be because I’ve been a wee bit too busy to make much progress on anything, knit-wise, especially given that I’m still not feeling 100%. I still don’t have any progress to post. So I’m just posting so that nobody thinks I’ve dropped off the face of the earth when they see I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. I’m heading off to the airport in 20 minutes (5am, even early for this morning-person!) to go to a conference in San Diego, and won’t be taking my computer, so the very soonest I might post again wouldn’t be until Monday. Until then, enjoy this picture of one of my cats, which my brother snapped in the car the day he helped me bring them home from the Humane Society:

look at that face

I’m about as thrilled as he looks to be to have to ride in an airplane in just a bit. Not much of a flyer, me. Oh well.

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