Two years ago today:

Me feeding Andrew cake

Yep, it’s my husband and I’s second wedding anniversary today. That picture represents the one and only picture I have from the wedding of just the two of us. Not many were taken (I suppose that’s what happens when you make “everyone with a digital camera” your wedding photographer!), and I lost the originals of most of them when my hard drive crashed last year. I like the picture, though. It’s a happy picture, with happy Spring-like daffodils, just like the ones on our cake. That was our theme, Spring. We had our wedding on the Equinox, and it was a very Spring-like affair, despite the freezing temperatures (we got married in my parents’ parlor in MN, which had just had a huge blizzard a couple days earlier!). My grandpa performed the ceremony, and it was about as perfect as we could have asked for.

Today…not so much. Like last year, our anniversary has turned out to be a bit of a mess. This time last year, we had no money to really do anything special to celebrate, we both had the flu, and we returned from a grueling interview-visit here in Rochester to an apartment with no heat (the furnace’s pilot had gone out). Today, we have no money to really do anything special, I have some sort of eye-problem (I went to the doc yesterday, and have an appointment with an Ophthamologist today…basically, my left eye hurts when I look to the right and try to focus on something, which is a bit disconcerting), a bit of unrelated-nausea, and…we have no heat. Yep, our furnace got condemned yesterday. I’m not shocked (our landlady has a tendency to wait until the last possible moment to replace broken things, which is really not fair to us, but c’est la vie), but talk about bad timing. I’m a bit frustrated by all of this, because for one, it’s unpleasant, because it’s still rather cold, but also because I had a plan. A plan that involved baking honey-oat muffins for my sweetie, because he likes them, and I figured it’d be a nice, inexpensive surprise. But the fact that it’s absolutely frigid in the kitchen, and that he’s waking up in just a few minutes to get ready to let the furnace people in, sort of threw a wrench into that plan. But, at least he can still get these:

Andrew's socks, finished

Yep, I finished his socks in time for our anniversary (which also means in time for Spring, when it will be too warm for him to need them). It’s too bad…it really only took me a couple of days per sock, but I sort of let the second one slide until way too late. But in any case, they are done, they are soft, and I love the way Paton’s Classic Merino knits up on size 3 needles. I hope he loves them too…maybe he can wear them today to keep his feet warm until our new furnace arrives.

While waiting for my doctor’s appointment yesterday (the one which got me a referral to the Ophthamologist), I made a fair amount of progress on another sock. I was so glad to have it with me, because while there were newspapers around to kill the time, reading sort of makes my eye hurt (I’m not doing much proofreading of this post, and am mostly touch-typing, so please forgive any typos that result), but I don’t have to watch what I’m doing too much when I knit. So, here’s RPM, with a heel:

RPM has a heel

Still as gorgeous as ever. I absolutely love this colorway of Koigu. I got several compliments from people in the waiting room at the Health Center while I was knitting it, and the attending nurse was really excited to see another sock-knitter (apparently she learned to knit them from her grandma, who knit socks for the soldiers during WWII).

Speaking of war, today, by the way, is not only our 2nd wedding anniversary, but also the 4th anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. Four years. Basically my entire “adult” life, spent fighting an unnecessary war, killing and maiming and irrevocably harming thousands upon thousands of lives, both “ours” and “theirs”. I don’t mean to ignore everything good about today, but it’s a big dose of reality to think about that. But there’s even yet another anniversary today, too, a much happier one. After we got married, we decided to put the money we’d been given towards adopting a pair of kittens. Given their age when we adopted them, we decided they must have been born right around our wedding date, so today we’re also celebrating the second anniversary of our fuzzy orange babies’ birth! Here’s what they looked like, way back then:

baby ren and stimpy

Awww. What cute babies. So, to my beloved husband, I’m so glad to be married you. I’m so glad I get to keep you forever and ever. Thank you for being you. I love you so much. And to my beloved orange babies, I’m so glad I get to keep you too. Even though you are sometimes unholy terrors who eat my yarn.

I hope we can have a lovely anniversary today despite the circumstances, and I hope all of you have a lovely day, too.

5 thoughts on “Anniversaries”

  1. Happy Anniversary to the lovebirds. And Suzy Q Sunshine wishes a Happy Birthday to the furbabies. Hope you find the solution to your eye problem and are back in good health soon, at least you can knit. And on the good side, the weather report says the temps are heading up the rest of the week.

  2. I stumbled on your blog from Daily Kos, since we share two interests, cats and knitting. I too will be having an anniversary in a few weeks and we also acquired furbabies within six weeks or so of our wedding. One survives, and she (and the marriage) will be 18 shortly. I hope your cats (and marriage!) have as many great years.

  3. Wow. Happy anniversary and sorry about your furnace and your eye. Great socks (all three of them) and cute kitties (even if they do eat yarn). And man, I wish this stupid war was over already.

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