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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Here’s what I woke up to this fine morning:

What I woke up to this morning

We got a few more inches as the day progressed, too. Some Spring Break, eh? Remember how I said it was warm (almost 70!) and sunny just a few days ago? Yeah, well, Winter’s not done with us yet. So today was a perfect day for warm soup, and given that it was Saint Patrick’s Day, we decided to go with an Irish soup (the Saint Patrick’s Irish Cheddar Soup from Twelve Months of Monastery Soups) for dinner. Yeah, I know, this is a knitting blog, but I’m proud of the other things I make from scratch, too, even if they aren’t made from yarn, so I feel like showing off my husband and I’s handiwork from this evening:

Saint Patrick Irish Cheddar Soup

Yum! It was quite delicious, I highly recommend it. And now I have lots of leftovers to look forward to when I have to go back to going into the office all day every day next week.

After dinner, I made my husband snap some photos of my somewhat ridiculous collection of greens I had on: my Lemongrass socks, my green running/superhero tights (under my jeans), my green sheepy t-shirt, and my green fleece-lined hoodie. My darling cat Stimpy (who has been very needy in terms of affection and snuggles lately, and is currently trying to keep me from typing by insisting I pet him) got in the picture, too:

Showing off my greens for St. Patrick's Day

And since I’m talking about greens (a couple weeks ahead of the change in Project Spectrum colors, but I think today’s an appropriate day to jump ahead if there ever was one), here’s another green that’s been on my mind lately:

Emerald Queen

That would be my Sundara Sock Yarn in “Emerald Queen”, which I balled up the other day. I’m hoping to turn it into socks during the next two-month period of Project Spectrum, but can’t decide on a pattern. Do y’all have any thoughts or suggestions? I’m always happy to do plain stockinette, and sometimes with variegated yarns that’s all I can really stand to do, but if anyone wants to suggest a pattern they think would look nice in these colors (a variety of greens, ranging from dashes of bright, almost yellow-green to dark blue-green), I’d be happy to hear it.

1 thought on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!”

  1. I’m already looking toward the April/May Project Spectrum colors too – I’m ready for some spring color in my knitting!! Those Sundara Yarn cakes are enticing!

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