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on to the fronts…

Oh, Spring Break, and the resultant opportunity to stay home from the office for an entire day with only a marginal amount of guilt, how I love thee! (She says, while typing from her office because she’s stuck here today fighting with the code for her experiment and preparing for a lab meeting). Yesterday, I basically did nothing but knit and relax for a second day in a row. And look what I managed to do:

Not-So-Aprikot, the fronts

They don’t look like much, crumpled and squashed onto one needle like that, but those would be the fronts of Not-So-Aprikot, which have been finished up to the beginning of the armhole shaping. I almost knit both fronts in one day!! I really wanted to make it all the way through, but we took an extended break to attempt to make up our own recipe for curried potatoes and chickpeas (it was ok…it smelled a lot better than it tasted, unfortunately, but I can’t complain too much about our apartment smelling like yummy Indian food!), and I would have had to stay up rather late to finish, so I called it quits. I’m debating whether I want to stick to my every-other-day schedule and start the front of Demi tonight when I get home from the office, or finish off the fronts of Not-So-Aprikot. We’ll see, I guess.

The weather is utterly gorgeous today, so I’m quite sad that I’ve got to spend most of it indoors, in a windowless office. It’s in the mid-fifties, and the sun is shining, and the sky is blue, and it just makes me so happy. You know what else makes me happy? Probably everyone has heard this already, but I was quite happy to hear yesterday that Eunny was named the new editor of Interweave Knits. What a great pick! I’ve been reading her blog for almost as long as it has existed, and am a huge fan of her work and her aesthetic in general, and I think she’ll do a fantastic job with the magazine. I could go on about why, but I think Cara over at januaryone says it best, so I’ll just link to her instead. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Eunny does with the magazine, and have even more reason to renew my subscription. I wish the departing editor, Pam Allen (whose work I also adore), all the best in her future endeavors, and Eunny all the best in paving the direction for Interweave in years to come. Hooray!

1 thought on “on to the fronts…”

  1. I took today off, kinda. Just recovering and enjoying the weather.

    As for the Anvil stuff, you can do playback. However, we’ve discovered that searching around the video is iffy (at least on a mac). So, take that for what you will…

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